Bug #15173

'All, stop' order affects player, if he's driver of a vehicle with passenger

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Status:Assigned Start date:11/15/2010
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Category:AI Control
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Demo mission attached.

1. Enter the APC (a BAF Warrior in this case) as driver
2. Order one of the men to enter as passenger
3. Issue an 'All, stop' order (~-1-6)

The 'stop' sign appears on the player's icon, and the player can no longer order the men to return to formation. Doing so (~-1-1) will make them follow the next in command (or 'follow group'). This stays this way until the player sends a 'Done' message on the radio (0-1, IIRC).

The 'All, stop' order should not affect the player.

This happens with every vehicle that has passenger seats - cars, APCs, aircraft, everything. Only happens when a squadmate is in the vehicle as passenger (while the player is driver). If a vehicle is occupied by passengers of another squad, this does not happen. If the vehicle has no passengers this does not happen (it can have a commander, gunner, etc).

APC_20Crew_20Test.Desert_E.pbo (2.4 kB) Malleus, 11/15/2010 15:57


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Confirmed. This command also causes passengers to dismount (but not gunner). 'Stop' sign appears on squad member which were not in the vehicle at the time the command was issued, but not passengers/crew of the vehicle.

Thanks Malleus for the tip on the 'done' response btw.

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