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Mortar, AI, Rearm

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Status:Closed Start date:11/14/2010
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Target version:1.7
Component:sys_crewserved Affected Version:
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Not really sure how to do this but here goes:

Place yourself + 2 AI´s in editor
Place m252 Crate
Place correct ammo for M252 Mortars
Place CWS AI Module


Have AI1 Pick up Tripod
Have AI2 Pick up Tube
Have AI1 Pick up ammo

Order AI1 to deploy tripod
Order AI2 to Mount weapon
Order AI2 "Get in As Gunner"
Order AI1 "Get in back"

Scenario is to have AI`s do the fireing.
Problem #1
You as player cant order them to fire.
You as player cant access Arty Copmuter.
Problem #2
AI1 cant rearm/load the weapon

I dont have a repo mission or rpt
Dont really know how to make the rpt
and the mission is easy...

CSW_Repro.Desert_E.7z (849 Bytes) Sickboy, 11/14/2010 15:10

load.png (1.7 MB) Sickboy, 11/14/2010 15:14

loaded.png (707.5 kB) Sickboy, 11/14/2010 15:14

mount.png (1.9 MB) Sickboy, 11/14/2010 16:23

mounting.png (1.9 MB) Sickboy, 11/14/2010 16:23


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Using A2 OA CO 1.55
ACE 1.6

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Please include your rpt file (link describes where to find it) and the repro mission (the mission you already have to find the error :))

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I guess Problem #2 comes before Problem #1 ?

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Repro mission attached.

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Actually it seems to be working just fine;
  1. Load attached mission in the editor (For comfort, i've given the 2 AI, both 1 magazine)
  2. Take baseplate, and place it somewhere
  3. Take the mortar mount, and place it ontop of the base plate
  4. Order AI 2 to move next to the mortar
  5. Select AI 2, press 6, press 0 for more, select the number that says: Load.
    Sometimes it could take a few seconds before load to show up, retry last step.

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

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Ok...It works sofar, Try making them fire..
"Canot execute Adjust Coordinates"

And the "LOADER" should be as "In Back" or as "Loader"

Updated by Miccey2 over 6 years ago

And trhat was by ME mounting the weapon...
The AI should be able to do it...

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

You can use the same procedures for making the AI mounting/dismounting the weapons.
To fire I suppose you put the unit into the mortar as loader not in back, give him a target that he can reach and fire (number 3, 3)
As said, there is no artillery module support for CSW built mortars yet.

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

Deploying tripod and mounting weapon:
  1. Start mission
  2. Wait a while, so the gear in ammo boxes becomes visible for AI (Sometimes it seems to help if you grab something from the box first)
  3. Order AI 2 to grab base plate from box
  4. Order AI 2 to Deploy tripod
  5. Order AI 2 to Confirm deploy tripod
  6. Order AI 2 to grab mortar from box
  7. Order AI 2 move near the baseplate
  8. Order AI 2 Mount weapon

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Haven't been able to make them really fire from it either though;
Sandiford perhaps some clue?

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Updated by Sandiford over 6 years ago

Artillery module targetting should be available soon.

Allowing AI to fire using the artillery module isn't generally simple, but there is one complication: AI guns are organised into batteries (by syncing to a game logic), so how would we know which battery the mortar should be part of?
Perhaps each group of AI would get it's own battery, with a func to access it. I have to wonder if anyone would ever use this though.

It sounds like there is another way of firing (something to do with selecting target by commanding AI?), guess I would have to try with some static mortars to see if/how that works

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Sandiford wrote:


so this is fixed?

Yes sir.

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