Bug #15022

AKM/AK-103/104 recoil differentiation

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For now, recoil of AKM and AK-103, designed for same 7.62x39 round, is equal. But the second one has much more effective muzzlebrake/flash suppressor, that effectively reduces recoil impulse.

Current behavior: AKM and AK-103/104 have the same recoil (they're using different recoil configs, but recoil feels equal).

Possible solution: Due to russian patent 2138000 (http://ru-patent.info/21/35-39/2138000.html) and information from various open resources (for example, this article on russian: http://tinyurl.com/368buwj) reduce ak-103/104 recoil in 33-46% (first value taken from guns.ru community experiments, second - from patent information).

Expected result: more realistic rifle behavior that leading to deep immersion into gameplay.


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Yeah, 103 recoil can be reduced. However, I'm not sure if 104 should be all that different from AKM - it might actually have more muzzle climb as it has AKS-74U-type flash suppressor instead of a compensator.

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AK-103 recoil reduced. AK-104 has AKM recoil.

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