Bug #14888

[BAF] AS50 incorrect damage.

Added by Blaarg over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Target version:Upcoming version of BAF
Affected ArmA II version:1.03 BAF First affected build:
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I am using:CO (OA+A2) BIForumURL:
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From "cfgAmmoMagWepVehCOBAF"

"B_127x99_Ball" ammo deal 26 base damage (M107)
"B_127x108_Ball" ammo deal 30 base damage (KSVK)
"B_127x99_Ball_noTracer_BAF" ammo deal 56 base damage (used in AS50, BAF .50 BMG sniper/anti-materiel rifle)
"B_25mm_APDS" ammo deal 65 base damage (25mm APDS, used in the bradley's M242 bushmaster)

AS50 base damage should be 26, like the M107. Irl, they both use the same 12.7x99 ammo => there is no reason to deal twice the damage.

Test in the "TargetRange.utes" map (custom rifle range, allow you to see damage and test weapons)
"Rifleman" :
M107 : 6.19 dmg
KSVK : 8.25 dmg
AS50 : 34.89 dmg

"Armored target" (look like a tank) :
M107 : 0 dmg
KSVK : 0 dmg
AS50 : 0.13 dmg

This allow you to destroy an M1A1 tank with 20 bullet, shooting at the back of the turret.

Sorry for by bad english, it's not my primary language.

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Updated by ricnunes over 6 years ago

I won't say that the AS50 isn't a bit overpowered (specially if it's able to destroy tanks) but I have the oppinion that the M107 is too UNDERpowered. So IMO what should happen is:
- The AS50 damage values should be descreased a little bit (but only a little bit)
- The M107 damage values should be increased considerably (I often injure an enemy soldier with the M107 at the first shot instead of killing him - If one for a miracle doesn't die from an M107 bullet impact, he would definitly be "out of combat" imediatly)

Updated by rye over 6 years ago

+1 and agreed ricnunes. I believe that's where the problem is - underpowered and the enemy do not bleed-out or stop firing back.

Updated by Blaarg over 6 years ago

This "out of combat" is another issue. The problem is the way ennemy react to a damage, not the power of the M107 (for ex, same thing with the 40mm grenade or mp5sd6 bullet. "i shoot, hurt the target then the target shoot me back and kill me with one bullet like nothing happend")

Incrasing the M107 damage would correct an issue (soldiers hit by a 12.7 bullet and still running / shooting) but create another (rifle with damage close to an autocannon)
At 1400m an M107 deal ~1.52 base damage and a point blank M110 TWS 1.47! It's powerful enought. But sometime, shooting at croutch soldiers do not deal full damage, why? "armor gun" issue? Hitbox bug? Ricochet? Sometime, crouch soldiers glitch in the ground at distance. A bullet hitting really close can ricochet and hit with reduced damage?

Irl a bullet cause intense stress, pain, shock state, bleeding but it do not kill everytime. Ai do no react correctly (imo) to that and shoot back / run.

Back to the as50, to scale damage :

M919 25x137 APFSDS-T fired from an M242 bushmaster have a 110g projectile / 1420mps muzzle velocity.


APFSDS-T : ~110kj of muzzle energy.
12.7x99 : ~14-20kj of muzzle energy. (do not know witch bullet is used in OA.)
(I know, muzzle energy is a little part of a bullet efficiency but we need basic, solid data to compare things and i can't find reliable data for the 25x137 penetration.) Btw, never google penetration. :'(

There is a HUGE gap irl between 12.7x99 and 25x137... but AS50 deal only 9 base damage less? In "full auto" mod, this rifle deal a crazy amount of damage.

Updated by Dwarden over 6 years ago

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Updated by Dwarden over 6 years ago

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Updated by i76 over 4 years ago

Worse is the fact if you shoot at a prone target and the bullet lands 2" right under their head/chest but does no damage.

I've had targets at 602m... I zero my AS50 to 600m and crosshair is dead on but bullet misses and as target rolls/runs away I can see the scare from the bullet on the ground right under where the target was.

IMO the .50 cals need a radial damage zone of 1m... its insane to hit the ground 2" under a prone targets chest and have them run away...

Updated by kju over 4 years ago

  • Due date deleted (02/01/2011)
  • Affected ArmA II version changed from 1.55 BETA to 1.03 BAF

Updated by Goosey over 4 years ago

  • I am using changed from OA only to CO (OA+A2)

Is this still slated to be fixed? I notice the due date was deleted. Reducing the AS50's damage is pretty important for both realism and online play in a variety of modes.

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