Bug #14801

Flak 38 rds / RPzb/ Panzerfaust 30

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Flak 38 rounds land to the left of the center of the crosshairs.

The Rpzb, when your looking through the sites, your characters left hand blocks half of the view.

Panzerfaust 30 has no iron sites.


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FlaK38: The gun muzzle is to the left, so that's just where the rounds are coming from.

RPzB: Will check

PzF30: Will check

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RPzB: You're correct, the model was misplaced. Fixed now.

PzF30: Zoom out... I haven't found a way to get the sights on AT weapons to zero properly, but if you zoom out, you can aim (think it should be for 30m... less than that and you'll have to eyeball, more than that and you should just forget about it! =-P

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