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Provide means to change the cursor image for controls

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It'd be nice to have the possibility to change the cursor image on the fly. Something similar to ctrlMapCursor but for controls.

This would also allow to turn the cursor off by using a transparent image (just in case somebody wants to do that). Being able to specify a simple image file instead of a config entry would be even nicer. The hotspot settings could be optional and default to the center of the image.

Something like this:

_borderTop ctrlSetCursor ["img\cursor_resize_v.paa", _hotspotX, _hotspotY];
_borderTop ctrlSetCursor [""]; // reset to default cursor
_textEdit ctrlSetCursor ["img\cursor_text.paa"];
_inputBlocker ctrlSetCursor ["img\cursor_wait.paa"];

An alternative would be a command to change the cursor image for a display (in contrast to single controls). Changing the cursor for controls could be done by using the "OnMouseEnter/Exit" event handlers.


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