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Javelin Top attack mode

Added by Militantsausage over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Hey guys, would anyone here be able to implement this?
There has been small mods that have done this so I think ACE could accomplish it.

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Updated by VKing over 6 years ago

I agree that it'd be nice to see the missile fly the actual top-attack flight path.

Just FYI the javelin is configured, in ACE, to be top-attack. That is, the vehicledamage scripts always calculate the hit as if it were against the top armour even if it doesn't look that way.

Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

That is interesting, but doesn't the missle still hit things in the way when flying a direct path? One reason I brought up this ticket was because when my clan I'm trying to join was playing, we had armor JUST over the wall of a compound, we were getting a lock but the missle hit the wall, then I had the idea to bring it up here.

Updated by total22 over 6 years ago

realistic javelin control

I thought someone was already working on that since arma1.
I never heard of its progress since then though.

Updated by tonci87 over 6 years ago

Wuld loveto see this very usefull Feature finally in Arma2

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By default AT specialist would have to press TAB while using Javelin to switch between Top and Direct launch modes.

Javelin is going to be fully supported by AI - below 200 meters they would use direct fire mode. Tested minimum effective range in that mode is about 50 meters.

Be advised that missile launched in Direct attack mode won't deal as much damage that one launched in Top attack mode.


Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

That sounds excellent! Can't wait to see it ingame.

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Should be available in the about to be release ACE 1.7 RC1

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