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Delta Force Authentic Loadouts

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Hello again, lately since the Mk.16's were replaced by the M4's and the Spetznaz got better weapons, I have been thinking "What about delta?" so I took the matter into my own hands and made a replacement for the Mk.17's that the Delta operators use, and I replaced them with HK416's and M4A1's, which I think are more realistic. I still left the M14, Mk.48 and the M249 Para (M145) in there.

I am giving this to you to hopefully implement, but if you don't I will release it separate from ACE eventually for anyone who wants it, I think it fits within the scope of realism.

At the moment it is still in text but all the loadouts are done.

MS_Deltaloadouts.txt - Mk.17 replacement config (14.4 kB) Militantsausage, 10/30/2010 13:49

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Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

Also the Replacement needs a defined path and a $PBOPREFIX$ thingy.

Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

Also sorry for creating a duplicate, i used laertes replacement thing for a template (thanks for that by the way) and I forgot to remove the path, which would not work.

Updated by Hellfire257 over 6 years ago

Please make this optional with a config! :)

Updated by Sickboy over 6 years ago

If it would become switchable by userconfig, it would mean for all loadout 'upgrades' incl. Russian Army, etc. etc.
However don't count on it ;-P

Thanks Militant. Not sure if the changes are authentic to life; leaving it up to those with a nose for those things :)

Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

Well it is pretty hard to find documentation on Delta Force, as they "don't exist" but I have seen pictures of them with M4A1's and some HK416's so I thought they are more Authentic than Mk.17's everywhere.

You can change their loadouts if you want, I just would like to help out with this.

Updated by Scubaman3D over 6 years ago

SOCOM didn't cancel the SCAR concept. They're going to purchase more MK17s as well as a load of conversion kits so that the operator can choose the caliber appropriate for their needs.


In other words, you will continue to see 5.56mm SCAR rifles going forward. I guess they'll just be "5.56mm MK17s" (which makes more sense and is closer to the original concept IMO).

Its something more like the Remington ACR's concept of 1 rifle, many calibers.

Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

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Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

I thought that at the moment there is not very many Mk. 17's out there in service, I thought far more HK416's and M4's would be out there.

Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

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Updated by Militantsausage over 6 years ago

When it comes to this, wouldn't you be able to implement most of the stuff I wrote in the txt document?

That is if you plan on doing this.

Updated by Sif over 6 years ago

If this is a bad bump then sorry, just wanted to clarify that it's a mix of all sorts of weapons. For the most parts i've seen M4s, AKs, M14s, Mk17s, HK416s. Surprisingly also have seen a few HK21's popping up here and there in pictures..

Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

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Put a weapon box and have Delta choose their own loadout as it seems "everything is possible"

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