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<<< Idea:
We have AAR's why not Operations Orders? Given tasks to do - what equipment to use, by when, start date&time - end date&time - objectives, secondaries and primary... recon and other information etc
and recce team should get this info before anyone else so they can write the recce report
and if we get a big turnout for the MSO's - we should have command elements who get detailed reports and support element with the command element - mortars and QRF etc Air Elements, Medic Teams.... then assault teams and sniper teams etc
- spawned with no weapon :D when i logged in around 2hours later
- 5 lives, Glenn used 4 and it kicks him......
- Please put names back on the slots :P
- More flares for people w/o NV
- More tracer rounds
- More fortified bunkerd down taliban positions, trenches etc and small bunkers AKA more stationary positions - little camps etc
- Mortars and spotters - spotting in rounds
- more E AI :P more vehicles - btr-40's and pickups, but less accuracy
- More E AI on MSR's and main routes - main villages - isolated positions w/ warlords etc - convoys etc
- Start off with NV - most people spawn and cant see jackshit
or atleast have secondary weapon with flashlights
Jaz walks in front of humvee and dies - unknown bug :D
<<< repair doesnt work on MSO - MTVR repair not repairing
cannot drag spare tyres!!! <!> <!> <!> OR PUT THEM IN LOGISTICS -> INTO THE HUMVEE <!>
more scoped weapons, NV capable weapons - lots more ammo needed
re-arm mortars needed
use of M240 mags to re-arm humv with M240
called for apache support 4 TIMES! didnt come and DIDNT inform us it wasnt coming
need re-supply script - air cargo re-supply too
and all our characters look the same - give us something to recognize eachother
add jackals or something shweet - recce vehicles
repair pod - so you can repair vehicles @ base, w/o MTVR Repair Truck
<5m you should see players NAMES on SCREEN to recognize :(
salvage/storage location for all the shit we get off enemy etc and re-supply stuff
more 203's and stanags - more belts for MG's and DEFIENTLY more sniper ammo - and nightscope
put a bunch of ammo crates in hangar - for storage - salvaging
AND SPARE TYRES ETC should be in vehicles automatically - from the start
deaths shouldnt count if teamkill or accident
not even population in towns - not many civilians, and they just go prone and act stupid - no population on roads, no vehicles etc
http://www.norrin.org/downloads/OA/AAW/281010/22.jpg should see crowding like that around marketplaces etc - mosques etc.... wolfy has a script for that


Updated by rye over 4 years ago

Should spawn with NV's, maybe a weaopon with a few mags of ammo - incase base is under attack - saves us from getting killed at spawn etc.
Maybe a spawn protector for a limited time
FARP at main base to re-supply air assets
Long-range artillery support added to support menu

At night-time, non-night capable enemies skill or accuracy should really drop.
Suppressive fire should have some effect.
Platoons lead by an Officer - pick him off and the platoon's effectiveness drops.
Pick off support units around the map like mortar teams etc and the effectiveness of the overall army should drop.
Civilians, preferably farmers in the highlanders/rural areas with weapons for hunting/defending their land. Hunters in forrests etc.
Civilians walking to and from other towns into other ones.
Vehicles parked in streets, by houses, moving around main area's of the map.
Taliban killings on civilians and inter-taliban rivalry.
Anti-taliban villages defend their town from the taliban and are much more open to BLUFOR.
Pro-taliban villages hide caches etc.
More civilians in housing - and more civilians out at night, a few vehicles at night but not too many - maybe troublemakers.
The enemy do routine house drills - checking neighbourhoods and houses - hiding caches.
Vehicles driving around.
Better use of tactics, accuracy and leadership by higher skill level enemy and differences between trained and non-trained aka insurgent and regular army.
Reputation script causes civilians to take up arms against BLUFOR or OPFOR depending on the scenario.
Hintbox or in-game rating feature telling you your rating/reputation.
Ability to communicate with leaders, priests/imams and town representatives - find out information on whether the town likes blufor/opfor or not etc. Even small scale tasks etc.

Fortified positions used by enemy - different use of tactics again depending on what enemy - meaning better or worse MG placements, trenches and other objects. Even vehicles and officers at these positions - which would give sniper team something to recce when they come across them scattered around the map and then we could report it, plan an attack and attack it without being given an assignment to do so - meaning non-linear gameplay in a sense.

Problem with logging in:
AEF Gunner logged in as US at Northern Base and couldn't go in as Czech at Southern Base because he chose the wrong slot. Anyway to counter this incase they get stuck in the wrong slot?

More ambient noise - especially in crowded areas. Sounds of crowds, music and people chatting (in arabic if Takistan).

Sniper Team - 1x.50 cal w/ Ammo preferably the M107 and an 7.62 sniper rifle, preferably the M110, .50 for taking out light vehicles etc, manning the defence of the base.

Updated by rye over 4 years ago

Detailed backstory w/ picture or even video, sounds and movement, ambient sounds, vehicles moving throughout the towns, ambient vehicles, crowded buses etc, tractors on the farms, voices of people chatting, music from houses, call to prayer in mosques and bells ringing for churches, civs in churches especially priest, crowding around shops, marketplaces, churches/mosques and other meeting points, different classes of people - upper class housing with civilians in suits etc, more fancy cars near those types of houses, important buildings more heavily guarded or used AKA Embassy heavily guarded by Russian troops.

Ambient animals - in places you'd expect to see them aka cows in fields. Working farms with fenced-off area's for the animals. Guard dogs etc.

Important features labelled on map - like MSR's and FOB's, Embassy etc.

Guer MSO:
Russians destroy caches if they come across them, can blend in with civilian population, rating feature that adds/takes away to whether the Russians like you or not. Chop shop or custom vehicle shop - where if you find a dshkm and offroad - you can put them two together to create an offroad w/ dshkm, without the attachto script which makes it messy.

Suicide bombers - and ability to become one, VBIED's, IED's etc.

In-game AAR/Procedures:
In the future the ability to be able to add photo's, maybe by sending them to you and you adding them to the script. In-game procedures for pubbers and newbies. I could make a pdf detailing the MSO - would need good screenies and information on scripts for it though Rom.

Ability to delete and edit tasks, jip markers and AAR's - admin and teamleaders have use only.

Video's and Pictures of the MSO - people's opinions from pubbers to clan members and regulars. I'm sure pubbers would think differently to what they would want to see.

Good video's - we could of used it with our 4-hour long battle against more than 300 taliban. That would of got a lot of interest - maybe even more scripters and mission makers. If we could get DMC on board, he has the best computer, best graphics.

Good screenies of the in-game AAR, in-game support menu and operations, JIP markers etc. That would attract a lot of attention.

In-game Missions:
List of all HVT's with pictures and information: maybe a description. HVT's guarded by a security detachment - highly trained bodyguards - could even make it contractors and use setfriend script.

Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Scars and Marks

Regular convoy's going up and down the MSR.
More VCP's - was a really cool mini-mission - need to get AI reacting well to it. Warning shots -> they jump out, go prone or surrender. Satchels planted around and under vehicles, even inside it as gear.

Innomadic's C-130 supply:
Ability for Inno to use C-130 to go off map and re-supply at a depot then bring it back - also the ability to drop the supplies from the air using a loadmaster or an interaction menu. You could even call it in using the support menu! So Inno will get a message saying they need support - with the 9 liner and Grid Referance and temporary map marker.

Updated by rye over 4 years ago

Aircraft going to and from the Airport (AP). They go around 10KM off map and dissappear.
Deployable wire - using logistics, can take it out back of a vehicle and set it up for VCP etc. Draggable aswell.

Swappable characters clothing:
We were trying to implement a feature where we (sniper team) could swap from the basic rifleman kit and dress to the ghillie suit, I still think this idea would be great to see in-game.

Updated by rye over 4 years ago

- Add more GPS' for Long Range Patrol, Sniper Team and Team Leaders
- Maybe add a script so players who spawn at base late, can spawn on teammates in the field? Would speed things up and make it easier. If you die, you go to base, but if you spawn in late, rather than ferrying troops back and forth, they can spawn on a specific member? Or spawn at the PB/FOB's?
- LRPV, landrovers w/ M2 etc. Or atleast recce vehicle like Jackal.
- Takistani SF training militia (Possible Training Camp Raid Mission)
- Imams or community figures at main districts and/or features (a.k.a. mosque)
- MSR's marked on map? Like the last MSO - it was like go hit MSR Rhino and we did - even made up places like Embassies etc marked on map for future missions and referance.
- Militia do random house patrols, religious killings on civilians, civillians defend against the TB like Afghanistans Anti-Taliban Fighters
- Resupply chart? shows us the days for resupply, what we're getting and what we can order? Could be set-out like the Helicopter notepad.
- Repair, Fuel and Ammo Truck (Easily supply and base movement) MTVR's or other vehicles which carry a lot of equipment for base movement.
- Enemy mortar teams scattereted around - will engage us if spotter spots us.
- Fix Civvy car bug, so more cars are driving around.
- Way More civilans (esp in big towns).
- Enemy prescene is good, but groups of 10 is abit to full on, split up a group of 10, into say groups of 2,3, and 4. But don't loose any opfor amount, so say you have a group of 10, instead of just narrowing that down to a group of 4, split the 10 into numerous smaller groups, so it's not just one big bunch.
- Automatic mortar re-arm. We transported a mortar to PB Delta, and it had no ammo, Floydii was talking about a script he had which made the mortars re-arm themselves every few hours.
- Artillery module support? Better Apache support? Mortars are obviously player used.
- After AEF has trialled it, and 'hopefully' likes it, it might be worth fixing all these bugs, plus more than you Rom, or ryan or tank know, and uploading the new version so we can start from the beggining with AEF, so they can have their own FOB's/PB's etc. And teach Swordie/Floydii/Wolffy the console commands you know so they can do they same things with their lads on the ground.
- If on Chernarus, more boats (Civilian and OPFOR) on the main harbours and around the area.
- If on Chernarus, more silenced weaponary.
- Suppressive fire should make the enemies go prone and keep down. Unlike last night.
- More features like last night - small enemy camps and civilian hunters, farmers etc.
- If on Chernarus, tone down accuracy of the enemy (especially at close ranges in heavy woodland).
- A10 w/ ability to re-arm, re-fuel and repair: Mitch is the new AAF Pilot, I asked Tank if he wanted to be reserve/2-man apache team with Mitch too. This includes re-arming flares for counter-measures.
- Ability to capture POW's and High-Value Targets (HVTs) or atleast interrogate/speak to and extract information. Ability to over-power HVT so if he is outnumbered he will drop his weapons.
- Bring the EODD Dog back?
- Make IED's satchels/pipebombs but put them within objects like garbage bags and rubbish on the sides of roads. Use advanced IED scripts on Armaholic. Suicide bombers and VBIED's (vehicle-bourne ied's) aswell.
- AEF's slow re-supply script for mortars? Slowly re-supplies over hours. Or PR's cargo drop script? C-130 might be needed for this. Could even add vehicles to the cargo list.
- Tow truck for moving aircraft in and out of hangars. And the towing script - you can see why with Jazza's driving.
- More supplies for construction, very badly needed - the ability to add a lot more objects without the supplies running dry too quickly and more objects to use while in construction.
- Bunkers and bases used by OPFOR. Priority targets like airfields, large towns and strategic locations are heavyily defended and bunkered in.
- Little Bird for quick insertion? Used by SF.
- Use 9 Lines for FAC's, 9 Line's for medevac for the AAR. (I can send you the 9 lines if you need).
- Pictures and profiles of warlords and other HVT's.
- Video-feeds? Ability to add fraps recorded videos to the AAR for Recon teams. This would be good for pilots knowing where to bomb and the assault groups knowing the layout.
- Bomb Assessment Missions after heavy bombing runs on enemy positions.

- Add more command elements - so we can really disrupt their network.

^^^ OLD FEATURE REQUESTS but some still not done.

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You really have to separate these requests out Ryan. :)

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