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unarmed in-flight helicopters with men in cargo activate 'SEIZED BY' trigger

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The 'SEIZED BY' trigger takes into account combat power of cargo despite that cargo not being able to influence the fight until on the ground.

Expected behavior
Cargo (at least in-air / on-water cargo) unable to immediately join the fight will be ignored in computing the balance of power for the trigger area. SEIZED BY trigger won't trigger until aircraft/beach touch down and unload cargo.

Observed behavior
Position defended by armed soldiers on the ground is "SEIZED" by unarmed helicopter flying by with a larger number of soldiers in cargo.

See attached mission. As observer, wait in the village for 2 OPFOR to seize the town. Then wait for MH-6 to fly by with 3 soldiers in cargo (and unable to engage). SEIZED BY OPFOR will deactivate, SEIZED BY BLUFOR will activate.

Tested with latest OA beta, but problems goes back to at least Arma2.

test_seize_trigger.utes.7z (1.3 kB) _William, 10/23/2010 07:48


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You could script this exception yourself as part of the trigger condition or what do I miss?

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