Bug #14411

Healing while crouched does not transition properly into second healing animation

Added by 11aTony almost 7 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Update by Fireball


- run attached mission
- call medic to get healed while standing
- radio trigger 0-0-1
- go to a crouched stance
- call medic to get healed while crouched


When ordering to get healed and standing the healing animation loops flawlessly, while the crouched healing animation does not cleanly loop into a second healing animation cycle, i.e. you can see the soldier picking up his rifle for a second.


Healing animations starting from crouched position should loop flawlessly like starting from stand.

Recommended Fix

Healing always takes place crouched or laying, so the transition for the crouched healing anim into a second healing cycle could be copy/pasted from the standing healing animation.

CIT_14411_HealingAnimsTest.Desert_E.7z (797 Bytes) Fireball, 11/04/2010 07:23


Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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Please read our wiki.
We need a demo mission with repro steps. Ty.

Also you forgot to specify your arma/OA version.

Updated by 11aTony almost 7 years ago

  • File HealingAnimsTest.rar added

I have added a very simple sample mission of the bug on Desert map. When it starts just tell your medic to heal you. It seems that if you wait for him to start healing you in normal standing position anims are OK. However, if you first go in crouch or prone and tell him to heal you, anim plays twice. It happens to me every time Im in prone or crouch. My Combined Operations/Operation Arrowhead version is 1.54. So Im not using 1.55 beta.
So once again:
-start healing from standing posture is OK
-start healing from crouch or prone is NOT OK

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

  • Due date changed from 11/01/2010 to 11/18/2010

Can you tell me in which version you observed this? As of with latest BETA the animation is repeated twice for every stance and I think this is to improve the somewhat "shoddy-healing" (i.e. it was too fast) originally.

I do see a difference betweeen healing while standing and crouched or prone though:

- when you're standing, the healing animation is looped flawlessly
- when you're crouched you lift the rifle quickly before the anim is looped again
- when you're prone, you also look ready for a split second before the anim is looped again

Both are probably only missing transitions from one healing animation to a second healing animation in these stances. In terms of gameplay this is neglectable and probably not even worth thinking about, except that the transition while crouched is the same as while starting from standing, so this one could be fixed with a copy/paste.

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

Updated the repro mission with a radio trigger (0-0-1) to re-damage the player on request.

Updated by Fireball over 6 years ago

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