Bug #14294

Adding fully custom controls doesn't seem to work

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Adding new control groups seems to work fine, however adding new actions seems not to work, the behavior seems unchanged from a long time ago (ArmA1?).

There are 20 custom user keys however these need to be shared between mods/missions, and can be too few, requiring custom solutions like the community's userconfig usage, CBA keyhandlers, etc, or hijacking existing actions.

Adding new actions should be supported.


class UserActionGroups {
    class ACE {
        name = "ACE controls";
        group[] = {"ace_sys_nvg_up","ace_sys_nvg_down"};

class CfgDefaultKeysMapping {
    ace_sys_nvg_up[] = {201};
    ace_sys_nvg_down[] = {202};

Adding stringtable entries, directly adding in dta\bin.pbo, adding the actions to UserActionsConflictGroups, or changing between camelcase and other notations, does not seem to help.

It would seem some hardcoding is involved, or perhaps overlooking something;
adding existing keys to the new control group does work, e.g; User20 or heliManualFire.

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #14281: Custom (mod) settings, persistent like ingame settings Assigned 10/09/2010


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It is really a necessary thing.

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