Bug #14252

ALICE2 does not work on Utes or Chernarus in Combined Operations

Added by wolffy.au over 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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If you place the ALICE2 module down on Utes or Chernarus, no civilian units will be created. Random traffic in conjunction with the Ambient Civilian Vehicle module and ALICE2 seems to work, but random civilians wandering towns is not working.

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related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #15403: Patch Submission: ALICE2 fixed on Chernarus/Utes Assigned 11/27/2010 12/01/2011


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From what I understand ALICE2 is made just for the OA worlds,
and ALICE is to be used for Utes, Chernarus and community OA worlds.

So this sounds more like a feature request, right?

Updated by wolffy.au over 6 years ago

The way I understood ALICE2 is that it removes ambient civilians once they have exceeded a certain distance and if used in conjunction with SILVIE, will generate a little civilian traffic.

The civilian traffic bit works fine on Utes and Chernarus in Combined Operations.

Why the method of ambient civilian generation is any different from ALICE1 is beyond me - it should just be reading it straight out of the configFile.

Personally I think its a bug as I can't see how it isn't performed by default, but happy to have it as a feature. If I could manage to un-pbo modues_e.pbo, I'd fix it myself and submit a patch.

Updated by Rommel over 6 years ago

ALICE2 provides more functionality over ALICE1, including stability! :)
AFAIK ALICE1 was just kept for backwards compatibility...

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

Well looking at the FSM should give you an idea why it does not work I assume.

And I may be wrong. The good thing is you can check all by yourself (effort involved).

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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Updated by wolffy.au over 6 years ago

I think I've found the fix:

//--- Towns faction
_townsFaction = if (isnil {_logic getvariable "townsFaction"}) then {"BIS_TK_CIV"} else {_logic getvariable "townsFaction";};
_logic setvariable ["townsFaction",_townsFaction,true];

Will try to set it to CIV and CIV_RU and see what happens.

Updated by wolffy.au over 6 years ago

Ideally, what needs to happen is the Town Logic has a demography from the configFile, which could be used to determine factions.

class Utes_CC01
    name = "Kamenyy";
    position[] = {
    type = "CityCenter";
    neighbors[] = {
    demography[] = {
    radiusA = 10;
    radiusB = 10;
    angle = 0;

Updated by wolffy.au over 6 years ago

BIS_alice_mainscope setvariable ["townsFaction", "CIV"];

This did not make any difference on Chernarus.

hint str (BIS_alice_mainscope getvariable "ALICE_classes");

When I did this, all the CIV and CIV_RU civilian objects were listed, so that much is happening. Have never delved into FSMs, so will need to learn a bit before i progress.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

FSM is basically SQF.
Just get the FSMeditor to view the format. Thats all.

Updated by wolffy.au over 6 years ago

Patch submitted

You can close this call - future patches will be posted on the above issue.

Updated by kju almost 6 years ago

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