Bug #14182

M18A1 Claymore tripwire does not trigger inside buildings

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Status:Closed Start date:10/04/2010
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Target version:1.7
Component: Affected Version:402.0
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OBSERVED: M18A1 tripwire does not trigger in some buildings.

EXPECTED RESULT: When the M18A1 mine and tripwire are deployed in buildings the tripwire should trigger and fire the mine the same way it does outside buildings.

1. In Singleplayer load New mission in Takistan. Drop 1 Player Rifleman and any ACE Ammunition Crate (except for Guerilla) near Grid Reference 071021.
2. Preview mission. Take M18A1 from Ammunition Crate.
3. Place M18A1 Mine on the floor inside the only enterable building at Grid Reference 071021 [although I've reproduced this in 2 other buildings too].
4. Set Tripwire on M18A1 Mine to end within the room boundaries. Wait 5 second delay for mine to arm.
5. Walk or crawl across the tripwire at different points from different directions with different speeds and positions.

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Revision e4215160
Added by rocko over 6 years ago

~FIXED: Tripwires didn't work when set up in buildings, fixes #14182


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