Bug #13981

Prohibit .jpg for custom faces and enforce only .paa

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Target version:Upcoming version
Affected ArmA II version:1.59.79384 First affected build:
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As title states...

Custom faces are already somewhat of a pita because some faces in .jpg-format cause a 0.5 second stutter, a complete pause, every time the wearer of that face enters or exits your field of view. It seems that the face doesn't even have to be very big, because when asking people about this I've heard their face is usually something like 50 kb in size, which isn't that big. AFAIK faces in .paa-format(the "natural" texture format of Arma's engine) do not cause this, but there's also seems to be no way to enforce .paa-only faces

If this is true then enforce .paa as the only format for custom faces.

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #4969: Custom Faces Display issue Assigned 10/02/2009 06/01/2011


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Needs demo files and repro steps. Ty

Updated by 76 over 6 years ago

I dont have this data, this is kinda in relation to #4969 cause more and more servers are disabling custom faces.

If the quote above is true and BI is aware of it they can make .paa files the only format for custom faces.

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AFAIR the custom face option is on the top issues list for improvement, since people can't use it only seeing that probably 50% of the servers reject any custom faces or only very small files, so it's almost not viable.

This suggestion could be added up, if the problem with JPEGs persists.

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.png format support would be also welcomed addition

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