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Seperate weapon fire mode from selecting grenades and other weapons

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An idea I had was for the weapon fire modes from semi auto and full auto to be separated from the selection of grenades and other weapons.

This comes in handy for quick changes in weapon mode for CQB, currently you have to cycle through every weapon just to change from full auto to semi auto and vice versa.

Maybe even add a "safe" weapon mode where the weapon safety is engaged and you have to toggle that first to fire so there are no accidental discharges giving away your position prior to combat.

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #13333: Ability to assign separate keys to weapon systems. Assigned 08/28/2010
duplicates ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #12396: Seperate/Persistent Firemode Selector Assigned 07/27/2010


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ACE mod exactly did this:

Shift-` - Switch to SAFE
Shift-1 - Switch to Rifle (or pistol, whatever is in hands now)
Shift-2 - Switch to GL (if present)
Shift-3 - Switch to Throw (first available throwable item)
Shift-4 - Switch to Put (first available placeable item)
F - cycle through available firemodes (for current rifle/pistol) or grenade/mine types (if Throw or Put are currently selected).


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Probably should be merged into #13333.

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Dupe of #12396.

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