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AS Revive

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I know we don't have any type of official thing going on with the Revive stuff Rob, but in my opinion if we can sort out just a couple things this would be a great community release piece as a standalone. I'm willing to help work on it, as it's something I need. Firefly can probably help out also, just need to get him involved.

So this is effectively a thread to purse completing the revive scripts and addressing the issues/thoughts/concerns related.


Updated by Gnome almost 7 years ago

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Current issues:

1.) AI shooting dead player.
2.) Fix the end on all dead parameter (think this is already solved, just needs to be updated in the revive scripts)
3.) Additional support for group respawn. (Ideally this would consist of arrays containing the playableUnits per group, should work with Team Status Dialog type features also, meaning it needs to update on a fairly regular basis.)
4.) Build a couple sample missions. One for basic usage and another for more advanced usage such as setting up MPParams, and illustration of the diversity of the system.

About all I have on my list right now.

The only issue that really kills it is the AI shooting. I'm still not clear on whether or not we know how to solve this. Will redundant checks/sets fix this? If we don't know, I'll start on this over the weekend.

Updated by Robalo almost 7 years ago

1) Gave up on this, don't know how to fix.
2) Easy
3) Sounds like a feature that would rarely be used, maybe that should be developed as a mission specific thing, but I'm not against it.
4) Yep. Volunteers ? :)

I don't have time to get back to working on this, but feel free to add fixes/enhancements it if you want.

Updated by Gnome almost 7 years ago

Actively tinkering with things. Have a group respawn option now implemented. All dead is working.

Pulling my hair out over the shooting at dead bodies piece...

And the missions/examples will be easy. So mostly all good stuff, minus the worst issue.

Updated by Robalo over 6 years ago

Reworked this a bit, making use of some recent changes in ace_sys_wounds. Hope to have a working example soon, I'll plug it into one of the missions that are on the servers.

Updated by Robalo over 6 years ago

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Added as module in TASM: tasm_sys_respawn

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