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Update Vehicles

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Granted vehicles are not a regular usage thing on our servers ... I think we should perhaps address some of the more serious issues for the sake of having things right for anyone else that may make more use of them. Example: the Stryker MEV's, have no passenger seats configured. Although the seating is available on the model. There are also numerous FLIR related inconsistancies.

A good point of reference I was reviewing today is Xeno426's recent release of TGW Vehicle Fixes

Pretty sure I've seen a couple more packages out there. Perhaps we should see about incorporating them into TASCAC.


Updated by Robalo almost 7 years ago

Low priority indeed. Xeno426's into TASCAC would create more work, there are some realism issues, it seems he basically tries to add FLIR to everything :) Also ACE handles most of that and there would be conflicts, suggest we wait until ACE stabilizes more.

Updated by Gnome almost 7 years ago

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Will address things related via ACE team.

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