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Add -prefix option to change working directory

Added by alef almost 7 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Under Windows, in order to host multiple servers, one have to symlink directories

  • Addons
  • Key
  • Dta

and files

  • arma2oaserver.exe
  • *.dll

and probably other else, I don't remember all of them.

Instead of doing this, it would be nice to start arma2oaserver.exe or arma2oa.exe from its usual place.
But then, change the current working directory (CWD) of the process to the one specified by the '-prefix' option.
Only the Addons and Dta folders will be read from the directory where the process has been started from.

This is useful for servers, but I can imagine cases where useful for client too.


Updated by alef almost 7 years ago

One could start arma2 executables from directories different from installation path pointed at registry.

Check how dedi linux points at folder.

What is needed in the new directory?

  • dta\product.bin
  • probably Expansion\dta\product.bin
  • SecuROM's paul.dll
  • JPEG dll

Without dta\product.bin one get an error at startup.

DLL's should be loaded automatically from executable directory and from CWD at the moment of launch (armalib dsound.dll or ws2_32.dll).

The cmd and arguments should be at least (installation in E:\arma2 here):

  • E:\arma2\Expansion\beta\Expansion\arma2oa.exe -mod= E:\arma2 ; E:\arma2\ Expansion; E:\arma2\ Expansion\beta

So the trick is to add -mod=<arma2 installation dir> at least, bacause of the Addon directory there.
What is not clear is the "Common" directory, where it cames from?

New beta introduces ability to use -mod=%MOD1 , where MOD1 is a key in the registry.
How is supposed to work in a dedi? With linux?

1_55_BETA: "[73366] New: Expansions possibly registered in Windows Registry (by some future setups) are loaded and available through ModLauncher. When used with -mod commandline the prefix '%' should be used, such as -mod=%someInstalledMod."

Updated by alef almost 7 years ago

  • Subject changed from Add -prefix option to root some folders to Add -prefix option to change working directory

Updated by pez2k over 6 years ago

alef wrote:

What is not clear is the "Common" directory, where it cames from?

The Common directory seems to just be stand-ins for files you may not have. It contains copies of all the A2 pbos that OA requires, and the BAF Lite pack so you can play online with BAF owners. If you have CO + BAF all installed together, the Common dir doesn't appear to be needed, although I can't speak for online compatiblity without it.

Updated by kju over 5 years ago

  • Affected ArmA II version deleted (1.54.72888)
  • CPU deleted (Please specify!)
  • Audio card deleted (Please specify!)
  • Size of OS swap file deleted (Please specify!)

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