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Disable demo/intro mission loading completely in the main menu with -world=empty (not only at game start).

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If you use the param -world=empty no world and more importantly
no demo mission will be loaded in the main menu.
This reduces load time drastically.

However even with this param active if you return to the main menu,
from say the editor or MP screen, the game returns to the default behavior
and loads the demo missions.

With -world=empty active in the main menu there should be never a world/demo
mission getting loaded.


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Updated by Suma almost 7 years ago

This is as designed, exactly as Myke explained. My guess is loading mission once the island is already there takes not that long to be worth disabling it.

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So let's clean this up. First up about the CIT.

It is a community issue tracker and anyone can make suggestions here.
This is no place to discuss suggestion, if they are right or wrong.
The only exception is to make people aware of existing workaround or
to inform them about the little possibility to get this realized
(from this community perspective or experience) - this is however mostly
about ticket quality in general.

About this specific suggestion.

There is a point why this is a feature ticket and not created as a bug.
The reason is as the ticket suggests an extension of the functionality/parameter.

So if people like this suggestion/see priority in it, they vote for it,
if people dislike it, they downvote it.

There is no point at all to question the means of this suggestion.

To make yourself familiar with the CIT, you are very much recommended
to read our wiki first Myke.

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  • Subject changed from Disable world loading completely in the main menu with -world=empty (not only at game start). to Disable demo/intro mission loading completely in the main menu with -world=empty (not only at game start).

Improved the ticket header.

@ Suma

The world loading is not the point here as explained in expected vs observed.

The simple community addon to disable the demo missions played in the main menu,
change the loading time from editor to main menu from 10-30 seconds to an instant.

For a developer, and even as a player, many follow the aim to reduce unnecessary
time waste as much as possible. This simple tweak is a great way to save a lot of time.

As stated in the ticket header, the use of addons is often not possible in MP play
for example. This is why an engine provided feature is suggested hereby.

Of course a new command could be utilized too. It is suggested to re-use -world=empty
for this, as it has the very same objective stated in the BIKI:

for faster game loading.. no island and no menu animation loaded

Updated by Myke almost 7 years ago

Hopefully i am allowed my point of view since i'm also a customer and user of this product so changes would affect me aswell.

Personally i would dislike the intended behaviour. I do use -world=empty for faster game loading at startup but inbetween i would miss the background missions in the main menu. Also the loading times for e.g. from the editor back to main menu....didn't measured 10-30 seconds with none of the islands installed (CO, BAF, Quesh Kibrul, Celle, Sahrani, Isla de Pollo) and none took longer than 5 seconds, mostly less (3-4 secs) and even there, most of the time the CBA is delaying the Menu (just to note what i observed, wouldn't miss CBA anymore).

So instead of changing the behaviour of -world=empty, i would prefer to see a new startup parameter like -noMenuMissions which completely disables it. This way, those who like could keep -world=empty for faster game loading and for those which prefer also no background mission runnin in the menu can just enable this parameter, everyones happy.

Updated by test almost 7 years ago

Here's a config.cpp to turn off the cutscenes. First double check if those cutscenes exist in your version and adjust the list as needed, then use mergeConfigFile (the command line option -init might come handy here) or just turn it into an addon:

class CfgPatches {
  class CHANGEME_NoIntros {
    units[] = {};
    weapons[] = {};
    requiredVersion = 0.1;
    requiredAddons[] = {};

class CfgMissions {
  class Cutscenes {
    delete UtesIntro1;
    delete ChernarusIntro1;
    delete ShapurIntro1;
    delete TakistanIntro1;
    delete TakistanIntro2;
    delete ZargabadIntro1;
    delete ZargabadIntro2;
    delete Desert_EIntro1;

It might even be possible to have some black preprocessor magic in there (__EVAL comes to mind) to automagically find all available intros and get rid of them. But I'll leave that to the really determined to find out... :)

Updated by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

+1 on -noMenuMissions.

Nice impl Test; the issue with that is that it isn't dynamic, you'd have to do it for every custom island, and adjust incase you load or don't load the island, etc.

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Dup of #14205.

New clean ticket to avoid unnecessary downvotes.

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