Bug #1345

Unable to command tank crew as tank commander

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Category:CWC campaign
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10BattleOfHoudan.ABEL 1985 CWC mission.....

As commander of a M60 tank you are ordered to attack the enemy beachhead, after telling your driver to return to formation with a M1A1 tank all commands are ignored by the driver resulting in the tank driving into enemy fire and being destroyed...


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Mopar this report does not contain meaningful information!

For me this mission works fine.
I can command my driver, my gunner, i can select return to formation,
i can move to gunner, to driver.

Come on mate, please make decent reports. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

Make a small video, if you cannot explain the problem.

Updated by Mopar about 8 years ago

Once again, sorry for the hassles... I discovered the problem was I was using the P85 M60 tank and there is something wrong with its turret according to arma.rpt which caused a problem with the mission and command of the tank... I switched to BDS's M60 tank addon and the mission played perfectly..

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Solved. :)

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