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DePbo - dubbing.pbo says "No memory"

Added by SnakeMan over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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When using "ExtractPbo -F *.bin dubbing.pbo", DePbo says "No memory".

Is it because of my system or is there some limitation in the code because dubbing.pbo is 1gb in size?


Updated by mikero over 6 years ago

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this will be an 'undocumented feature' in the dll. looking now

Updated by mikero over 6 years ago

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tested arma2 dubbing.pbo and, oa dubbing.pbo (you dont say which).

both extract here just fine. have to assume it's a genuine malloc problem, which, i find strange. perhaps increase your swap (page) memory?

Updated by SnakeMan over 6 years ago

ArmA 2 dubbing.pbo is the 1gb in size, Common/ dubbing.pbo is just a config file and Expansion pbo is called dubbing_e.pbo.

Only one giving me no memory error is ArmA 2 default "dubbing.pbo" file.

I have 2gb ram, run XP SP3 and have not touched page file settings as far as I remember. Are you saying that I would need more ram or increase the page file greatly?

Updated by mikero over 6 years ago

ooh ah, didn't check this properly. you're using the -F option. will look again

my system btw is an xp-sp3 with 2gig ram. and bis operations in general perform poorly, i have had to increase to around 3 gig of swap just to get things happening. i need to upgrade to a 64bit system to take advantage of >3gig on board memory.

Updated by mikero over 6 years ago

using the -F *.bin option i get no errors with a2's dubbing pbo and it results in two config.cpp's

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

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