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Projects overview: Categories.

Added by kju about 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Xeno brought up the issue and he has a point.

Right now there is no indication about the type of the project.

For the start we could have a text or small logo tag, like
  • T - tools
  • SP/MP/C - missions
  • MOD - MOD
  • etc

In the long run, we need to separate projects to category pages
I'd say.

Comments please.

dhmockup2.jpg (99.4 kB) Vigilante, 05/10/2009 16:45


Updated by Vigilante about 8 years ago

Put some tag behind projectname! like so:

VIG_Javelin - A
Rarmalink - T

or so?

Updated by Xeno about 8 years ago


#1317 :)

Updated by Squelch about 8 years ago

I think I mentioned categories or interest areas in our discussions before. We have several broad categories, Mod's, Missions, Tools, and support/resources. Obviously there is going to be some crossover between them, but separating the mian page into these areas would be sensible.

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Well, this is more due to a limitation in RedMine system. They are introducing the ability to nest projects to unlimited levels (rather than just two levels, as now). Thus, we'd then be able to have a much clearer hierarchy:
  • ArmA/Tools/Roller
  • ArmA/Mods/SPON/SPON Rangefinder
  • ArmA2/Mods/SPON/Finger of Death for all that oppose Spooner
  • DOW2/Mods/End Of War

Which would make things a lot clearer. However, this introduces other issues. Once A2 is released, my primary goal will be to get all my releases compatible with both A1 and A2, so which categories should they be in? SPON contains both mods (Rangefinder) and tools (ShipInABottle). Bleh!

If you are going to put a postfix on, it might be nicer if it could be an icon rather than text, so made it clear that I wasn't releasing "SPON Rangefinder - M" ;P

Updated by Vigilante about 8 years ago

I think i mentioned almost the same you posted at 1317... some is already in the works it seems, some other aint.. maybe due to personal taste differences other due to technical limitations of redmine.

I made a mockup, i will attach it here. The left side, can/would/should contain ... whatever .. my take is to put general infos about Dev-Heaven there, the right side is the projects list.. doesnt need to be that short.. i just had 768px to work on, so it could be endless going down.
So to be not too offtopic with this reply, i suggest doing the bullets infront of the subprojects as indicated above as small icons .. T A whatever .. i wouldnt use pictograms, rather letters as icons.

Updated by Spooner about 8 years ago

Yeah, I was meaning letters-as-icons rather than pictograms, though either are fine (as long as both have hover-information on them).

Updated by kju about 8 years ago

Phil there is personal taste, yet more importantly it is down to
feedback and arguments.

For now we create a wiki page as entry page for dev heaven.

The project overview will remain that - or where is the need to
have 50% of it for some (unrelated?) text.
The right part is a project list/index. We will have this too.

Please either have patience once the planned changes are realized
or look at the open tickets to understand what is done.

Updated by Sickboy about 8 years ago

Nah, IMO you need Tags, and a tag cloud.
IMO only split Projects over the Groups (like ACE, SIX, SPON), and possibly which game, if required.
Only possible in RedMine 0.9 anyway.

Updated by Sickboy about 8 years ago

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Updated by kju about 7 years ago

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