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Ability to move the head in the 3d space (4-6 DOF head movement)

Added by betelgeux over 6 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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As infantry or especially in vehicles, the head is fixed at the body
and you can only turn it left/right and up/down (rotation only) in the 2d space.

It would be great to be able to move the head also back and forth,
as well as up and down (3d space).

This would allow to get a different angle to look over things or
obstacles, or around the corner.

In addition would be great to combine this with TrackIR, FreeTrack
and similar systems.

Old ticket

Viewpoint vertical and horizontal movement in vehicles via keys and TrackIR

In vehicles you should be able to move the viewpoint up and down like in sim games, to allow you really look out of the vehicle (like a Humvee, or the Bradley ifv), because currently if there is a slope downwards, the fixed height of the viewpoint inside causes you to not see jackshit, and upwards you can only see the dirt of the road ahead.
This would come close to perfection with the TrackIR support of the Y axis. And also the X axis which is currently used as leaning for infantry (which is perfect), should be implemented too in vehicles to move the viewpoint along the X axis.

I had much fun with the Bradley today as a driver. It has really well designed interior, its getting almost drivable from the interior viewpoint, but lacking the x-y viewpoint manipulation still causes you to perceive only 5% of the outside view.


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If you move your head up or down/left or right with TrackIR you activate X and Y axis manipulation. So he wants to lean around or stretch/sink together within the car to adjust his PoV to achieve other view angles.

Updated by kju over 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from Viewpoint vertical and horizontal movement in vehicles via keys and TrackIR to Ability to move the head in the 3d space.

Updated by Enforcer over 6 years ago

That's something similar to my thread. If you want to have more FOV you have to lean back ( if you have activated the axis ). But it's a bother having to lean back all the time to have a zoomed out view. And you also can't lock the zoom with a key, it's only temporary.

Updated by Crusader over 6 years ago

I think what this is basically about is 6dof, which should be possible, as this has already been done by modders like in here:
or here

If we could get 6dof out of the box this would be great and especially enhance the flying experience in arma2!


Updated by kju over 6 years ago

yep. get it voted high and BI probably will look into it I guess

Updated by Suma over 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from Ability to move the head in the 3d space. to Ability to move the head in the 3d space (4-6 DOF head movement)

Updated by betelgeux about 6 years ago

Im very dissappointed that nothing has happened on this since. As someone playing usually with vehicles we need the full trackir dof support to look out from the vehicles. Check out DCS Blackshark how awsome it is to really use the trakir 6 dof and look out the way you want from the cabin.

Updated by Fireball about 6 years ago

Well look at the votes - even if you play with percentage, 15 votes is something other bugs/features could get in 1-2 days and this ticket is now 5 months old and it seems not many are interested, thus the priority is low, while the complexity of implementation might be high.

Updated by Elcoo about 6 years ago

I honestly think, that not many have found this Ticket. I would also appreciate having 6 DOF, at least in vehicles, at least without the Character really moving with my view. That can't be to hard to do, if you look at all the other brilliant stuff the developers did ;)

Updated by EDcase almost 6 years ago

It can't be that hard to implement as its been done by modders as mentioned by Crusader.
It would add so much to the sense of 3d space and immersion.

Many people (including me) have bought TrackIR just for ARMA so please have a look at it....

Updated by betelgeux almost 6 years ago

I hope this very well justified issue is not ignored becase it would be hard to animate the head and body movements inside vehicles.
I dont care about animations, its not required to percive by an other person if someone is leaning inside the car etc.
Just leave the animations for now, its enough if it works and appears from the viewers point of view.

Updated by seany over 5 years ago

Hopefully for Arma3? It would be a great addition.

Updated by betelgeux over 5 years ago

Hopefully not. I dont want to wait for another year.
Why not just put in it with engine upgrades made in TOH... Ive just looked at the community preview and it just does what we need. Put it in Arrowhead and we will be all happy.

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