Bug #12734

Some things not preserved when loading saved games

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Affected ArmA II version:1.57.76815 First affected build:
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Changing the animation state of a door, creating a light or a bunch of other stuff is not recorded when the game is saved.

Its bizzare this isnt fixed because its been so noticable since operation flashpoint, there are forum threads with some work arounds involving using the time variable but it still, it NEEDS fixing.

The only way to use lights created with #lightpoint createvehicle on a mission is to stick them in a looping script. This cannot be by design - what craziness is behind the logic of changing the enviroment from a saved game when that save is loaded?

Also in the same way you cant hide anything behind a closed door because if a player reloads the game the door snaps back to its default position. Same with gates & as far as i know any animation state. Fix this fail please, it should be way easier that fixing the ai and its useless driving skills.

configTest.utes.zip (1.1 kB) Kazesim, 09/09/2010 04:46


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In the future please use a more descriptive/specific subject. Also, you should specifically and clearly list (using bullets or numbers) what things are not preserved when saving, and you could even create a simple repro to demonstrate some of these.

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Updated by Kazesim almost 7 years ago

Ill add a specific one that's been giving me trouble.

Variables containing missionConfigFile configs don't work after mission save/load.
They still exist and have the same contents after a load, but using them in a getArray/Text/whatever will just return null array/text/whatever.

In this code the contents of the "config" variable and the return of (missionConfigFile/"test") are the same both before and after the save/load at:


But using (getText _config) will return a null string after the load. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature-not-implemented thing, or if I'm missing something as usual.

Try this in a test mission by starting it in Scenarios, see the hint that it works, save exit and Resume, now its a null string.

test = "yes";

//Test script:
_config = (missionConfigFile >> "test");
while {true} do {
    sleep 1;
    hint format ["Works: %1", getText _config];

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A simple repro mission would be appreciated.

Updated by Kazesim over 6 years ago

Sorry I didn't think it was worth a mission. Here is the above code in the mission, I also included the line that does work (commented). Export to SP > start > see that it works > Suspend > Resume > now it doesn't.

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