Bug #12677

AmovPercMrunSsurWnonDf_forgoten isn't played at normal speed/much too slow

Added by ruebe almost 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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The animation "AmovPercMrunSsurWnonDf_forgoten" looks like it's running only at half the speed it really should, rendering the animation useless - except you're doing some slowmotion shots I guess :)

Maybe this can be fixed, since without this one, there is only one surrender-walk animation left to use ("AmovPercMwlkSsurWnonDf_forgoten").


Updated by BigDawgKS almost 7 years ago

If I recall correctly, all of the "_forgoten" anims are from scenes/cutscenes in the campaign, so it might be slowed down for that reason (to be used in a cutscene?). Anyway, only BIS (specifically, the mission designers or whoever produced the animation) can confirm if that's the case.

Updated by ruebe almost 7 years ago

oh dang. Still, I don't see any AmovPercMrunSsurWnonDf_forgoten beeing used in A2, neither in OA, so it could be safely changed/fixed without breaking anything official and even if planned for such a cut-scene, chances are high that the mission designer probably just dropped it cause tada, the animation is broken (or looks just weird at that speed)... maybe.

At least I'd welcome this very much or even a new, fixed animation..
You can't have too many surrender animations in a war game. :)

Updated by Fireball almost 7 years ago

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A "house cleaning" ticket, I guess.

Updated by kju about 6 years ago

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