Bug #12622

[Injury System] AI soldiers can "Fir Aid" themselves

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Target version:Warfare BE 2.063
Affected Version:2.062 I am using some Mods:
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Currently soldiers that are shot down and in pain can be ordered to 'first aid' themselves.

Reproduction Steps
1. Start warfare game with injury system enabled
2. Build some infantry
3. Shoot infantry in the leg until they go down
4. Order downed soldier to use 'first aid' using the 6 menu

The soldier will be able to move and shoot fine (although sometimes they're still playing the injured animation)

Expected Results

Commands to a down soldier should be ignored or performed once he's healed


Updated by zarckyp almost 7 years ago

I think this have nohing to do with WarfareBE, maybe you should write it here: [[http://dev-heaven.net/projects/cis/issues]]

Updated by Benny almost 7 years ago

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He's not talking about the BIS Module one but my own :)

Updated by Xerxes17 almost 7 years ago

There are other problems as well. I find that AI that have been put through the ISIS system will periodically regain thier injuries but not be incapacitated by them. So like every 5 minutes one of my soldiers would become all bloody again, requiring the medic to normal heal him. Very annoying!

Also, some players put through ISIS will keep repeating that they are wounded calls even though they are fine.

Updated by Benny almost 7 years ago

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