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allowGetOut (new command)

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Please add a new command: allowGetOut.
Syntax (analog to allowGetIn): units (array) allowGetOut allow (boolean)

After this command has been issued, units won't disembark a vehicle ever, even if the vehicle can't move anymore. Such cases can be dealt with easily (canMove -> allowGetOut true), but keeping them in the vehicle isn't nearly as trivial.

In a lot of cases such a non-getOut behaviour would be desired for a lot of different reasons, but some of the core fsm (formation or the combat one) always makes them disembark for one or the other reason.. So we need a new boolean state (allowGetOut) for all units and these fsm should respect this in their conditions leading to the disembark decision. Also the leader should stop issuing any orders that needs the units to disembark.


Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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I am not quite sure. Maybe locking the vehicle helps.
On the config side one can tweak the get out on damage value.

Updated by ruebe almost 7 years ago

kju wrote:

Maybe locking the vehicle helps.

Nope. Not really.

On the config side one can tweak the get out on damage value.

The config side is of no use aslong as we can't change config values on the fly by means of scripting. Also this is not the only possible source of spontaneous disembarkments.


The reason I've opened this ticket was this: make a group using a transport vehicle, but try to make some grunt the driver so the leader will sit in cargo.. good luck with that. I've now given up und just let the officer drive (though it looks a little bit stupid... IMHO another, lower ranked unit would escort/drive him)... Ok, I might put the driver into his own group, I guess that should work better.. but as you see, it get's ugly very fast, depending on what you're currently trying to achieve.
I'm pretty sure there are much more such little "scenarios" mission designers would like to achieve, but they will all give up sooner or later.. A simple "stay the f**k where you are" aka allowGetOut command would help very much, very easily. Workarounds shouldn't be needed for such simple stuff, it's simply much too ugly and prone to stop functioning in the near future, because some part of your workaround got changed slightly or what not. :)

But sure, this may not be the most important thing to do next.

Updated by kju almost 5 years ago

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