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Generate satellite map image, using original textures

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From mr.g-c @ BIS forums

My Question is, is [Roller] able (in future) to create a Satmap out of OFPs single Textures, so we can have in future OFP Islands' Ground looking exactly like they did in OFP?

Haven't a clue about this. I imagine I could paste a big image together based on the textures at each position. Any thoughts, kyu and the-f? Not sure if the effect wouldn't look terrible and/or not correlate with the close-textures.


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OFP like SAT.

The-f tried this by "hand". Search the BI forum for the first
ACE island pack release for ArmA.

Bottom line: looks crap.

If you add up all the single textures, the big texture is like 180 GB.
The-f still used a 1.x GB texture. The resolution was too low by
then. Maybe with some tweaks a better result is doable.

Well basically you only need an app to add a single texture x
times to one huge textures with having the single x times repeated.

Most likely not worth effort. Only worth to implement if really simple to do.

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