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Sound Travel Distance

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Target version:Arma 3
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Games Used: Arma 2, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.
Mods Used: ACE (381), ACEX (258), ACEX_SM (51).

Issue: Sounds fade considerably at medium distances.
Expected Result: Sounds should be highly audible at medium distances.

Mission Attached: A small scenario (no addons required except the few above) with a gun fight and a GBU_12 IED (Aprox. 1 klick away) to test how audible sounds are at medium distances.

test.Takistan.rar (1.5 kB) stubs, 07/27/2010 21:35

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Updated by S2 almost 7 years ago

I think in general sounds are really weak at medium to long range. When a 1000 lb GBU goes off 5 K away, it still rattles your teeth, not some faint poof in the distance. Gun fire can still be heard clearly for a considerable distance as well. Sure it depends on terrain and weather but...maybe nou could work something out with his LOS ACRE addon. Just an observation from somebody who has been in combat.

Updated by tpM almost 7 years ago

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Well, unfortunately we can't simulate real life sound levels in Arma, but I'll try to do something about it...

Updated by stubs almost 7 years ago

Thanks, the distance volume of the sounds was fine in 1.3 if I remember correctly.

Updated by rocko almost 7 years ago

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Updated by S2 almost 7 years ago

Hey tpm great work on the recent sound levels, one tiny request in regards to it though, is it possible to turn up the Dbs on the Gau8? The sounds themselves are excellent. When an A-10 lets loose with that 30mm right over your head, it should practically drown out even your rifle firing. This should be for all the sounds for the gau8, close to far. Youtube videos don't give it any justice, that thing is just plain LOUD.

I looked at the A-10 config, and it looks like the dB is set at 25.7783?, I played with the .wss files and added 10 dBs but couldn't get the volume to change, where the heck do I need to look?

Updated by tpM almost 7 years ago

Honestly, I dont know how that db stuff works in Arma. Currently its just guesswork and testing.

Updated by S2 almost 7 years ago

I had a long page of info typed out then I hit back....UGH FML.


class CfgWeapons {
    class GAU8;    // External class reference
    class ACE_GAU8 : GAU8 {
        displayName = $STR_ACE_WDN_GAU8;
        cursor = "\ca\Weapons\Data\clear_empty";
        cursorAim = "\ca\Weapons\Data\clear_empty";
        magazines[] = {"ACE_1350Rnd_30mmAP_A10"};
        modes[] = {"burst1", "burst2", "close", "short", "medium", "far"};
    class burst1 : manual {
            displayName = "LO";
            begin1[] = {"\x\ace\addons\sys_a10\GAU8_s1.wss", 25.7783, 1, 7000};
            begin2[] = {"\x\ace\addons\sys_a10\GAU8_s2.wss", 25.7783, 1, 7000};
            begin3[] = {"\x\ace\addons\sys_a10\GAU8_s3.wss", 25.7783, 1, 7000};
            begin4[] = {"\x\ace\addons\sys_a10\GAU8_s4.wss", 25.7783, 1, 7000};
            soundBegin[] = {"begin1", 0.25, "begin2", 0.25, "begin3", 0.25, "begin4", 0.25};
            soundBurst = 1;
            soundContinuous = 0;
            burst = 13;
            multiplier = 5;
            autoFire = false;
            useAction = true;
            useActionTitle = "1Sec Burst";
            showToPlayer = true;

In the begin1 [] = blah the 25.7783 is a value that sets the precedence of the sound played, if this value is higher than another sound, then this one plays over it, like a GBU over a M4.
The 1 is the pitch at which it's played, 1 is normal
The 7000 (it was 3500) is the distance at which that sound can be heard. It sounds awesome listening to 2 A-10 strafing tanks at 7k away btw.

Anyways, if you look at a weapon CFG for say, the M256, it doesn't use multiple sound files, it uses one.

class M256 : CannonCore {
sound[] = {"x\acex_sm\addons\s_wep_veh\m256_fire.wss", db50, 1, 4500};

So this can use the db50 because it's only 1 sound file.

The only way I have found to increase the volume of the Gau8 is to increase the dBs of the .wss file, although it quickly reduces in quality the louder it gets.

I hope we can understand this a bit better, as I would have absolutely no problem with going through these configs and adjust values or adjusting .wss files. Maybe I will try and through a bunch of sound [] = lines with the .wss files that are in the begin1[]= lines for each class. I dunno if that's going to work all that great though.

Updated by stubs almost 7 years ago

Just tried the latest build, thank you!

Updated by tpM almost 7 years ago

Nah, those begin1-4s are simply just different fire sounds, we can have multiple fire sounds for every weapon. I dont think that db value makes it playing over another sound, since in OA we have min. 32 max. 128 simultaneously played sound samples.
Would be good if a BI dev could help us with these values...

Updated by S2 almost 7 years ago

I know they are different file sounds, what I am trying to say is that some weapons use multiple file sounds and some weapons dont, for the ones that DO us the single file sound, you can set the dB for. For the ones that use several sound files it seems like you can't set the dB. I was showing that in the cfgs I posted.

The Gau8 uses several sounds, notice how there is no dB value anywhere there, but the M256 has it in it's line. It's because Gau8 uses begin1-4[], and M256 uses sound [].

I got those values based off of this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=79935&highlight=sound+modding+101&page=4
It's a year old, but still valid.

Updated by Robalo almost 7 years ago

begin1[] = {"\x\ace\addons\sys_a10\GAU8_s1.wss", 25.7783, 1, 7000};
sound[] = {"x\acex_sm\addons\s_wep_veh\m256_fire.wss", db50, 1, 4500};

From my experiments a while ago with the configs I got the impression that the second value defines how fast the sound level drops over distance compared to other sounds. I think it acts as sort of an equalizer. Not sure about OA, haven't tested sound configs with it yet.
Also, I think there's a direct conversion from a dbX value to a number, just don't know exactly what that is. Guess you can find out by binarizing a config and then de-binarizing it.

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