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Proper gunner's optic for russian/soviet AFVs

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Considering that a lot of the russian armoured vehicles do not have FCSs, I think they at least should get optics with the approperiate stadia lines and range marks.
The best picture I could find to illustrate was from NWD's tank fcs mod for arma 1, but I believe the BMP-2/BTR-90 has a similar setup.

4-nwd_tank_1.jpg (96 kB) VKing, 07/27/2010 15:15

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You're absolutely right. I nearly commented all configs where proper sights are missing. We just need someone making them.

Updated by q1184 almost 7 years ago

Maybe we'd be better off with just adding BIS sight adjustments to them?
Correct optics are really tedious to draw, plus on many Russian vehicles reticle moves up/down when gunner inputs the needed range. So it would mean a new system for that, too. I believe only BTR-60/BRDM-2 have fixed BDC-type optics for KPVT/PKT.

Updated by VKing almost 7 years ago

Still need some sort of rangefinder in lieu of a laser one (e.g. stadia lines). I do think just a fixed sight would be enough, even if not entirely realistic.
Anyway, anything would be better. It's not too bad with the 2A42, since you can walk your shots, but trying to hit anything with the T55 as-is is quite tedious.

Updated by Zach almost 7 years ago

I have been trying to get pic, but its very hard to get info on RU sights. But yes even BIS sight adjustment is better then nothing.

Updated by KingHomer almost 7 years ago

Getting pictures is not the problem. I have most on them already sorted out and on my hard disk. The problem is making them usable ingame.

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I will provide all necessary informtion for zGuba.

Updated by TemichSablin over 6 years ago

Dug up some info:

Optics 1K13 и TDPK-1 were outdated long ago. Optic 1K13 is a night vision sight plus information channel for shooting a 9М119 AT missile - in daytime. And for shooting all other normal ammo at night while stationary. Installed at old crap like T-72B, BMP etc. Sight TPDK-1 - daytime optic, main gunner's sight for almost all tanks of T-72 series. The analog would be 1А40 и 1А40-1. Not much difference but still old and ***. Nowadays they install other optics, almost all of them outfitted with NVG and TWS.

also, this:

Here's some info. On T-72 you would find 1A40 и 1A10-1. Some others, too. On T-80 there are newer 1G42 и 1G46. T-90 - even newer. Can't say since it's classified.

Oh come on, "classified" and "internet"? Will be digging more..
Oh dammit! Just look at that: http://www.army-guide.com/rus/product114.html
Well, umm, also i found this after some search, might be useful:
Both sights are what they install on T-72. The left one is the good old 1K13, which they have even on T-55.
Also, this might be useful too:

When lining up a shot in T-72 the aim angle is entered into the aiming grid. On the other hand, in T-80U the aiming angle is entered into weapon position. And of course, they would have different aim sights.

Emm, guess it's the same for T-90, considering both T-90 and T-80U have the same optical equipment. Still couldn't find any images of the optical grid.

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Still needed? Where is the info?

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Updated by zGuba about 6 years ago

Yeah, I hope we could get as many data about optics (FoVs, zoom, grids) as possible. Making properly zoomed and FoVed optics is then easy piece of cake.

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Sorry, bump, what scopes you need?! :)

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