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Type checking

Added by T_D over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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stuff like:
A = "blah" atan2 5
is not recognized. Is type checking planned?


Updated by sbsmac over 6 years ago

By 'not recognised' you mean that it's not reported as an error? Yes, type-checking is planned for the next few days - just need to sort out some of the low-level token recognition then propapagate types up through the expression tree :-)

Updated by sbsmac over 6 years ago

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Type-checking is now quite strong - all consts and operators are correctly type-checked. The remaining area of improvement is to trace variable types so that, for example, the following would be flagged..

_x="a string";

... some time later

player setdir _x;

At the moment all variables are typed as 'any' to avoid spurious warnings.

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