Bug #12275

Crash when Downloading Addons

Added by jagrock almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:07/24/2010
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Sometimes when I download addons it crashes. It doesn't matter how large the downloads are. It happens every time at first launch of Addon Sync 2009. Then if I download updates from more than one server (only one at a time) it will crash sometime.


Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

What repository is giving you errors?

Also even comparing addons is not advised when you're downloading from another server. (Will write to the cachedb, potentially causing corruption).
The only reason i implemented opening multiple servers at once is for peeking at who's playing while downloading...

Updated by jagrock almost 7 years ago

It's not just one repository. It's all of them. No matter which one I try to update, on first run of AddOn Sync, it crashes and automatically reopens. The primarily repository is for TacticalGamers.com Bravo sever @ http://arma2.tacticalgamer.com/updater/oa/@aceoatg.zip

It is possible that I compared addons while downloading from another. Is there a way to clear or reset the cachedb?

Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

  • Target version deleted (2010_07_04 1.0.63 Beta)

Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

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There should be no need to reset or clear the cache db.
However, you can do this in settings, advanced, clear cache db.
When you say it crashes and automatically reopens it probably is not crashing at all:
You probably use win7 or win Vista and have UAC enabled.
By default this makes it impossible for the tool to download to the program files folder.
It will restart with elevated priviliges to allow downloading to the program files folder.
Google UAC and disable it or install Arma2 in a "nonprotected" folder.

Updated by cross almost 7 years ago

This happens with one of the folders in our Community Repo as well, namely KHPackOA.
It does not crash when downloading other addons in the Repo.

Kellys Community repo > select KHPackOA > start download & crash.

This started to happen after adding more stuff into the folder. Is there another sort of limit that you've fixed recently?


Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

It's a dataset error again...
I'm thinking about radically changing the download window.
Something like "select items to download, download, then refresh entire dataset" instead of trying to update it (which causes havoc)...

Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

This issue should be better in 1.0.66.

Updated by ViperMaul almost 7 years ago

So far I have only ran it twice, once with a 338MB update and lots of files delete. And once again just to make sure it didn't miss anything. Results looks good. But I am sure we will need more feedback and more successful runs to feel better.
Again the delete dialog actions and progress bar works much better! Thanks!

Updated by Yoma almost 7 years ago

I've run it a lot of times and can't get any more cdt's for now.
Looks like the threadsafe datasource trick is working :-)

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