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Interchangeable Primary & Secondary Weapon Slots

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Since the dawn of time (OFP), we've had the same slot system for primary & secondary weapons. It's not a terrible system, but it can often be inflexable, especially since the inclusion of wearable backpacks.

A major redesign of the inventory system is a huge task no doubt, so for now the slot system will have to work.

However, there is one very obvious improvement for th slot system that I think would make a substancial difference in the flexability of system (and gameplay in general): Making the primary (rifle) and secondary (launcher/backpack) slots interchangeable. What does this mean? It means if for example I have a launcher and a backpack, I should be able to put the launcher in one slot and the backpack in another, without room for a rifle of course. Or if I have one rifle that only takes up one slot, I should be able to place another in the other slot (provided it only takes up one slot itself). Obviously, for larger launchers there might need to be some configuration to disallow this. But still, I believe this is a sound solution to an age old problem.

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Battlefield 3 also has the ability to freely use the two slots for weapons

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