Bug #12210

Utes GPS COORDS 043015-044015 grass grows on roads

Added by Hedo about 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:07/21/2010
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Target version:1.54.72888
Affected ArmA II version:1.53 BETA First affected build:72197
Reproduced by another DH user:Yes First affected ArmA II version:1.53 BETA
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Grass grows from roads on Utes.

Grass should not grow from road.

This problem is not present in neither OA 1.52 or ArmA2 1.07 and seems to be limited to Utes only. (tested on Chernarus and seems to be OK)

1.Load the repro mission in A2 or OA 1.52 non-beta
2.Observe that there isn't any grass on road

3.Load the same mission in OA beta build 72197
4.Observe that there is grass on road.
5.You can take a ride in the Humvee to see that this problem is on the whole island.

A2grass.jpg - crossroad in A2 1.07 - looks OK (226.5 kB) Hedo, 07/21/2010 21:54

OAgrass1.jpg - the same crossrad in OA beta 72197 - grass on road (216.9 kB) Hedo, 07/21/2010 21:54

OAgrass2.jpg - another one (258.4 kB) Hedo, 07/21/2010 21:54

GrassOnRoads.utes.7z - repro mission (663 Bytes) Hedo, 07/21/2010 21:54


Updated by Hedo about 7 years ago

Possibly related to "[72189] Optimized: Frame rate stutter near complex walkable objects (like low rock walls) caused by grass computations."? Not sure, just an idea.

Updated by Dwarden about 7 years ago

i noticed yesterday some grass on Takistan roads and was using the latest beta ...

it seems related to the grass fix ...

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Fixed in 72245

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