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[Arma2] Crosshairs and HUD removed in many aircraft after patch 1.07.

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Hello guys,

After updating to the latest patch, I took Arma2 for a little spin and was surprised to see that the crosshairs had been removed from most aircraft and in some others the entire HUD had been eliminated.

Is this a bug from the latest patch?

I also have Operation Arrowhead and in this other game all of them have their HUDS drawn the way they used to be.

I am going to post some screenshots to illustrate the problem.

This is what the crosshair looks like now in Arma2:

If you download it and zoom in to 100% you'll actually see that the crosshair is comprised of 4 pixels. =(

This next picture is a zoom into the second picture of the A10. I highlighted where the crosshair is. Note that because of TrackIR, the crosshair will be moved when you move your head. When we used to have a proper crosshair, that was ok, because even though your aiming point had changed you could clearly see where it was. However, now, for you to have a chance of hitting an enemy vehicle or aircraft with your cannon, one must disable TrackIR so the view is centered and the crosshair is more or less aligned with the HUD aiming reticule, or at least you think so, because it's practically invisible.

This is the image:

This very same problem occurs with the Harrier.


The problem with the F-35 is considerably graver than with the A10 and the Harrier, as there is no HUD and so one must rely on tracer fire to try and hit ground targets and therefore waste a large amount of ammunition in the process; a rather inefficient method.

And now this is what these same aircraft look like in Operation Arrowhead:


Note that the HUD in the F-35 is ON in both screenshots, and that's to show that it was entirely removed from Arma2, and the only thing left was the 4-pixel crosshair, which you'll notice if you zoom in the picture.

I ran both games completely vanilla for this situation and no mods were enabled.

Summing it up, is this something that was changed post-1.07 patch? If not, is there a way to change it back the way it used to be?

I am also including a simple mission with all aicraft in the game that are supposed to have crosshairs and the result are as follows:


A-10, AV8B and AV8B (LGB): HUD visible. Crosshair replaced by the 4-pixel version.
F-35: HUD completely removed. Crosshair replaced by the 4-pixel version.
AH-1Z: Unaltered. Crosshair is still there the way it should be.

SU-25: HUD visible. Crosshair replaced by the 4-pixel version.
Ka-52, Mi-24 and Su-24: Unaltered. Crosshair is still there the way it should be.

Thanks beforehand for any help. =)

Sample_Mission_Crosshair_Test.utes.pbo (4.2 kB) henrique_rp, 07/19/2010 22:51

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Updated by Enforcer almost 7 years ago

I hope you gusy kep the "natural" HUD and keep the added crosshairs out. It kind of kills the purpose of displaying a HUD imo.

Updated by Duality almost 7 years ago

Only worth it when the HUDs actually work. Bombing, strafing etc are still much harder than they should be without the added crosshairs. The Apache HUD in OA is a fantastic example of HUD done right - I hope they transfer at least some of this work to the other aircraft.

Updated by henrique_rp almost 7 years ago

Enforcer wrote:

I hope you gusy kep the "natural" HUD and keep the added crosshairs out. It kind of kills the purpose of displaying a HUD imo.

Then maybe they should remove support for TrackIR altogether, since when you move your head your aiming point will move too. Without a proper crosshair there's no point in having TrackIR supported in the simulation, for every single time I have to make a strafing pass, I must disable TrackIR to have an idea of where the crosshair is positioned due to the lack of a proper one.

Neither your point makes sense nor it's of valid weight, since you probably don't fly much, nor have invested money in TrackIR which was even merchandised by Bohemia at the Launch of Armed Assault 2.

And for the record, the fore-mentioned suggestion on the utter removal of TrackIR support was of sarcastic nature, due to the lack of proper sense from yours.

And to further infer on the "bug" which was added on the latest patch, one must read carefully the initial post to note that the ENTIRE HUD of the F-35 was removed, and only a 4-pixel-large crosshair was left. If the intention was to remove the crosshair completely than there's absolutely no point in leaving it as a 4-pixel image, nor it makes sense to remove the ENTIRE HUD of the F-35 and neither to leave in the other aircraft which I've cited further down in my observation.

Reading one's post more carefully is paramount and I advise you to do so next time.

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Any difference in 1.08?

Updated by Danil-ch over 6 years ago

Still true.

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