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Using dev-heaven for a non-arma II project

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I am wondering if it would be possible to host a non-arma 2 project here, and if not, if dev-heaven can be used on another site/host? Is it proprietary or is it a package which already comes with Redmine? I would greatly appreciate any information.


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Hello, thanks for your request and interest;
ATM we only host ArmA (2) or related projects, so if it's a program for example for editing, automation etc, then we can host it.
Otherwise you can setup a Redmine site on a ruby-on-rails web-host; http://www.redmine.org/

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Is dev-heaven proprietary? Or is it part of redmine?

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Dev-Heaven runs Redmine with custom style and minor customizations.
Dev-Heaven server+services is owned by me, and the site / idea created and maintained by kju and myself, with help by Spooner and Squelch.

Updated by tyrspawn about 7 years ago

Can redmine do the basic things dev-heaven can do? I basically want a service like this where you can manage contributors and work to be done. I know you don't know me, but I would be quite indebted to you if we could talk for a few minutes.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

Yes it can. Thanks for your interest but no. Have a look at the redmine site, setup a test-stack and good luck and enjoy :)

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