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"GEOGRAPHY" keyword export, similar to "TOPOGRAPHY"

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Further to the #11940 (from which this is branched), it'd be great if we could get the ability to not only dump topography data to EMF, but also to dump geography data (place names, spot heights, runway outlines, etc.), it would definitely speed up progress on making third-party applications like map viewers, strategy maps, etc.

The suggestion would be to dump each of these items via a "GEOGRAPHY" keyword (with LShift + Numpad -) into separate EMF files with transparent backgrounds (i.e. so they can be overlaid). So, using such a command might dump data into "Takistan_Places.emf", "Takistan_Heights.emf", etc.

The "TOPOGRAPHY" command would then be modified to only output true topographic data, and items such as roads, buildings and grid lines would be exported via the "GEOGRAPHY" command (so that we can make topography-only maps, or easily isolate roads, etc.)

Related issues

related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #11940: EMF Generated by "TOPOGRAPHY" is incorrect/inaccurate Assigned 07/13/2010 06/01/2011


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