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typeName for non-existing variable should throw an error

Added by Benny almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I've only tested this in OA, but i assume that it's the same in Vanilla.

The typeName command is unable to handle a statement with a nil getVariable.
In the code bellow, the else part is not even triggered.

        File used for the test: init.sqf
    Purpose: Test typeName command with nil getVariable
    Affected Version: 
        OA, (Probably Vanilla too)
    Current Situation:
        The typeName return an empty string if the getVariable is nil but typeName is unable to handle it.

    According to the wiki: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/typeName
        "If the argument is  nil (undefined), it returns an empty string." 

diag_log format ["        DEBUG: typeName=%1",typeName(missionNameSpace getVariable 'myvariablewhichdontexist')];

//--- This statement won't even work like it should
if (typeName(missionNameSpace getVariable 'myvariablewhichdontexist') == "") then {
    diag_log format ["        DEBUG: typeName=%1   The variable is nil",typeName(missionNameSpace getVariable 'myvariablewhichdontexist')];
} else {
    //--- The else part doesn't even work.
    diag_log "        DEBUG: typeName failed to handle the nil value";

After running this code, here's what i get in my rpt.

"        DEBUG: typeName=" 

Repro's attached.

test.Zargabad.zip (1.1 kB) Benny, 07/14/2010 11:57


Updated by Xeno almost 7 years ago

It's an expected behaviour and not a bug. There is no typeName for a nil (or non existent) variable because it has no type.

Though it should at least throw an error then.

Updated by Fireball almost 7 years ago

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Can it be workarounded?

Updated by Benny almost 7 years ago

Yes, it uses more variable but it's do-able, just a shame the empty space returned over nil type cannot be handled, like Xeno said, it should at least return an error.

_var = missionNamespace getVariable 'myvariablewhichdontexist';
if (isNil '_var') then {
  diag_log 'nil';
else {
  diag_log 'not nil';

Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

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Updated by Fireball almost 7 years ago

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