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EMF Generated by "TOPOGRAPHY" is incorrect/inaccurate

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The "TOPOGRAPHY" command (activated by typing the above after having pressed LShift and Numpad -) produces incorrect map data, not conforming to the map in-game. The primary problem is the grid lines, but some shrubs/bushes and other topographical components display differently in the dumped vector to on the in-game map. See the image below for an example. This problem has persisted since A1 (if memory serves - but if not, it was certainly like this in A2 and, now, in Arrowhead).

It would be nice if this command could be fixed up to allow the map data to be utilised externally and relied upon (e.g. an external mapping application, or simply for large-scale print-outs). I wouldn't imagine it would be too difficult to get the command to actually dump the vector data for what you see in the map screen.

MapVsTopography.jpg - Highlighting points made above (249.3 kB) JamesF1, 07/13/2010 18:20

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related to ARMA2 Community Issue Tracker - Feature #11983: "GEOGRAPHY" keyword export, similar to "TOPOGRAPHY" Assigned 07/14/2010


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The grid might be a bug or simply a different scale.

Anyway unless we get a statement from BIS, we won't know - I'll just leave it in the bakery...

Updated by JamesF1 almost 7 years ago

Yeah, I thought about it being a different scale... but, either way, it makes little sense to have a different scale on the export (thereby rendering any grid-based uses of the topology map utterly useless).

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