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Arma II 1.07 Patch Error

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Hello Support

My in game name is {GSF} SFC Bullets from the Arma II Simulation Group entitled, "Global Security Force" and we are having a problem since upgrading the server to the BIS official 1.07 patch. I hope this is the correct spot for support for a Arma II error.

I am wondering if you know a fix for this related error that comes up when players are trying to use any mission that contains any addons etc (not stock). The error is
'no entry 'bin\config.bin/CFGVehicles/Land_fort_bagfence_long.spotableDarkNightLightsOff

The beginning 'no entry all the way to CFGVehicles is always the same as well as the end DarkNightLightsOff but the stuff after CFGVehicles/ is different many times. If there is anything you can think of that is causing such an error can you suggest how to fix this...please help. I know we have made the changes to the gsf stuff in the command line in the control panel....-exthreads=1....but not the default that may be it also.

{GSF} SFC Bullets


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Seems your patching was not successful.
Create md5 checksums of all files on the server and on some client and compare them.

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