Bug #11543

Vehicle commanding broken if player is not GL and enters as car gunner first.

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Category:AI Issues
Target version:1.60.87580
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Cars with mounted gun. (UAZ MG)

  1. player (not groupleader) goes in the car first
  2. takes gunner position
  3. rest of the team enter the car
  4. give AI to drive car the commands via keyboard/radio
  5. wont work because for some reason the commands go for the gunner and AI driver refuses to start driving.

Work around for this is that player mustn't take gunner position before the AI driver has entered the car.

It's nice to see how co-op campaign play becomes better and more enjoyable all the time when patches come, so kudos for that.

Yesterday on one play session with my friend on Manhattan mission I still spotted some little annoyances tho that could be fixed. (playing version 1.07, vanilla)

11543.Desert_E.7z (991 Bytes) kju, 08/01/2011 07:19

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Added a demo mission.

However sometimes the AI GL tells the player to disembark once he is in the vehicle
(despite assignAsGunner and orderGetIn use). Seems like a bug itself.

The issue itself seems fixed in the latest beta.

Updated by Sickboy almost 6 years ago

Please confirm fix, so we can close the ticket.

Updated by Zenu almost 6 years ago

Sickboy wrote:

Please confirm fix, so we can close the ticket.

Seems to be fixed. Tested the demo mission in which GL commands me to enter the car as gunner and then commands AI to take driver seat and I was able to give commands to the driver from gunner seat.

I can also confirm that sometimes in the demo mission the GL commands me to disembark from gunner seat and then mount it again in normal seat.

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closing as fixed

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