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When shooting with NVGs on -> Turn screen black to simulate closing your eyes

Added by JDMT almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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In real life, with night vision devices that cover both eyes, soldiers are taught to close their eyes after finding a target, OA tries to simulate this, but that only takes your NVGs off, I think ACE2 should flash pitch black instead of taking your NVGs off.


Updated by JDMT almost 8 years ago

I meant soldiers close their eyes after find a target, and are ready to fire.

Updated by VKing almost 8 years ago

Why would they do that?

Updated by JDMT almost 8 years ago

VKing wrote:

Why would they do that?

It would be like looking at a welder...NVGs intensify available light, and if you add a flash, it could cause damage to your eyes, best wait for someone who has trained on NVGs to explain this.

Updated by VKing almost 8 years ago

As far as I can remember from using NVGs, they don't become bright enough to hurt your eyes, at least not from something as short lived as a muzzle flash.
What would happen is that the optics itself can deteriorate/become damaged.

Updated by JDMT almost 8 years ago

[11:50:18 AM] PFC. Diniz[1/91st]: Hey
[11:50:29 AM] PFC. Diniz[1/91st]: Why do you have to close your eyes when you shoot with NVGs on?
[1:11:33 PM] Lance: Because the muzzle flash is amplified through the lenses, and will temporally blind u
[1:40:48 PM] PFC. Diniz[1/91st]: Thank you

He's currently deployed to Iraq, with the US Army as a Combat Engineer.

Updated by PeaceDoctor almost 8 years ago

This is a good point but here are some problem/questions I have:

- will the AI be handicaped by this too?
- will this system be applied to all weapons/ammunition?

Because if you are going to "white out" in a night firefight while the AI is not affected at all by this, realism is hurt here too.
Same thing if the muzzle flash blinds you even tho in real life it won't (according to the weapon and/or type of ammunition used or even the flash hider model firing a weapon does not always "blind" you, for example the MP5SD6 produces almost no visible muzzle flash).
Most of the time you take the night vision goggles off and use a light: mostly to avoid the muzzle flashes "blinding" your eye that adapted to darkness. So maybe that should be simulated as well?
I do not know much about the US military but maybe some units use specific flash hiders instead of standard bird cage ones for night operations, special ammunition etc... Well maybe I am going too far!

Just some thoughts. Realism is great but not if it is only a hinderance to the human player. The AI has enough "super powers" in my opinion.

Updated by usmccarver almost 8 years ago

i am a us marine and have never experienced what you are talking about when using nvgs

Updated by Xeno almost 8 years ago

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