Bug #11454

Shilka will not engage A-10

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Version used - 1.2 Stable
Mods - @cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_pla;@acex_sm

To reproduce-
1. Singe Player > Editor > Utes
2. Place yourself as any OPFOR soldier
3. Place Insurgent > Shilka 23-4 and/or Russia > Shilka 23-4. You can group or not group them, will be same effect.
4. Place AE US Airforce A-10 as Flying over the Shilka(s)
5. Preview

The Shilkas will not engage the A-10, if you replace the A-10 with any other aircraft ( fixed or rotary ) they will engage ( tested with C130J, F-35, AV8 II, AE US Army AH-64D, and Ah-1Z)


Updated by S2 about 7 years ago

welp, of course now it magically fixed itself...so I guess this can be closed.

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