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RH AK74's, RPK74's, AKM's and AKMS's for CDF, Guerillas and Insurgents

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You guys used RH AK-74m's and RPK-74m's to replace the AK-107's on the russian's side, but left the default BIS AK-74 and RPK-74 along with the default AKM and AKMS. is there any way that you could also use the RH AK's for these as well? This is especially important fr the RPK-74 as it is still using the (nonexistant) 75rnd 5.45mm drum mags, even though you have 45rnd mags in your inventory, not drum mags. that, and the sight picture is completely different between the BIS AK's and RH's AK's, so it just doesnt look right to go from an RH AK-74m and then pick up a BIS AK-74 and have what should be a nearly identical (other then wood stocks) weapon look completely different. it just seems strange to replace one and not the other.


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AK-74, AKS-74U and AKS-74 in ACEX use improved BIS/SLX models. What we need are RobertHammer's RPK-74 and AK-47 variants, AK-74 replacement rather eventually (gotta add f.e. some new animations), I am not aware if they're really better than BIS stuff except of having more variants.

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zGuba wrote:

I am not aware if they're really better than BIS stuff except of having more variants.

I'm afraid not in every aspect. High respect for Robert's work, but these models look too big and some parts are inaccurate comparing to the real steel (most notable is the iron sights).

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The reason that I suggested this was because you are already using RH models for the AK-74m and the RPK -74m. it looks really weird having different models for the AK-74 and the AK-74m, same for the two RPK's. I agree that while RH's models are great, his sight picture is innacurate. I own an AKM and I can tell you from experience that neither the RH AK's or the BIS AK's are correct in terms of sights, although BIS is closer. I suggested just switching the few unchanged AK's over to the RH standard because it would be easy, and because externally, they look great. in terms of true accuracy, Vilas's AK's are by far the most accurate I have seen in Arma 2 as far as realism goes. the sights are spot on and so is everything else. I just figured it would be easier to stick with RH since all of the russian stuff already uses his models. my only point here is that it looks weird with 2 differnt sets of models and also that the BIS RPK model still has the drum mag regardless of whether you added 45 rnd mags into the inventory in place of drums. If it really comes down to true accuracy then I would suggest trying to get ahold of vilas's models and using those fr everything, including the AK-74m's and RPK-74m's, but I would imagine that would be a lot more trouble then just switching out a few more models for their RH counterparts.

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IMO it comes down to textures and materials at first. Thinking about models by Vilas seems to be out of question, sorry.

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RH AK-74's not planned.

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