Bug #11369

Screen keeps black after revive

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I played with some friends some of my self made missions, and we died. We were in two and i was shot down from somewhere, so we called the 'Medicopter', a Friend in a LittleBird with tons of bandages etc., but it taked long, so in the time my friend made some CPR's to keep me alive.After 3 minutes or so the Medicopter came, and gave me the full heal. But my screen keeped black for a minute and after that i had a small black places in every edge and side, so i couldnt see interactions,weapons and magazine weight.

We used Wounding Module (lifetime 600) and ACEX,PLA,SM,BWMod.

arma2.RPT (72.5 kB) pyrlix, 06/20/2010 10:30

arma2.RPT (21 kB) pyrlix, 06/20/2010 16:16


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Please attach rpt

Updated by pyrlix over 6 years ago

Yeah i can even reproduce it.
Start with AE US Army soldier, respawn and wounding module. Then get killed to lifetime mode, respawn and then fly with a F35B until you see dark, then respawn.

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

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First of all, g effects blackout has nothing to do with wounding.

Second, you should really remove that kulima island addon (is it an island ?).

I have never seen a rpt with so many conflicting addons messages (conflicting with standard ArmA 2 addons).

Please test without any other addons, ACE only.

Updated by pyrlix over 6 years ago

Ok, we tested it just with ACE,ACEX and CBA.
Wounding Module: black in eyes -> shot down -> life time -> respawn -> black
Standard: black in eyes -> shot down -> death -> respawn -> normal

New RPT is smaller

Updated by rocko over 6 years ago

What addons are you using beside ACE2 ?

Updated by pyrlix over 6 years ago

FAV Buggy,X02-Wyvern,T34,Airwolf,RAF-Chin47 (vehicles) , Kar98/MP40/MP7/G3/CheyTac/aawf88_ACE (Weapons), Sands/Beelsebub/Podagorsk (Islands), ukf_misc/shared/chally,

not more, which should we erase?

The Problem never existed before, it came after we updated from 1.0.1 (322) to 1.2.0 (369)

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Now I know what you are talking about.

Normal behaviour. Kind of punishment for pressing the respawn button.

If you want the old behaviour, you have to add

ace_sys_wounds_no_rpunish = true;

to init.sqf.

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

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Hm, probably related to CPR.

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