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Addonsync crashes upon startup.

Added by TOMMYGUN782 about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Fresh install of Addon Sync and it automatically crashes upon startup. Used both versions and no difference. Ran with no administrator privileges, with admin privileges, and in comparability mode for XP. Only complete reinstall of windows fixes it. Using Vista X64 bit OS.


Updated by Yoma about 7 years ago

  • Target version deleted (2010_04_24 1.0.61 Beta)

What message is in the crash?
Your info is far too unspecific to try and solve your problem.

If you need to reinstall windows itself to run my tool, you may have done something to your .net installation... or changed something in the windows installer service or ...
There are a gazillion possible things you may have done that prevent the tool from running and guessing them all would take more then my lifetime.

Updated by TOMMYGUN782 about 7 years ago

Just says addon sync 2009 has stopped working. Reinstalled .NET and didn't fix it. No error messages or anything. I get the Windows is checking for a soulution message. The messaage is 1112920790

From Event Viewer.

Updated by Yoma about 7 years ago

1) Remove the previously installed version. If it won't uninstall you've somehow corrupted the msi install... (this can happen easily by moving stuff after installing, editing files directly inside the installation folder)

Download the Windows Installer Cleanup tool
And use it to remove the previous installation.
Then try installing the latest version of addonsync.
BTW that tool is handy for all sorts of similar msi issues!

2) Try installing the tool in it's default folder (don't install it in a different folder)

3) If needed I could try take over your pc and have a look at it myself

Updated by TOMMYGUN782 about 7 years ago

Reinstalled it, and upon startup of the application, I get this error : Root elemenet is missing (C:\Users:\Me\AppData\Local\Yoma_Tools\AddonSync2009.exe_Url_sy01r3i0gka3jul35s2vmolj4yhmito0\\user.config)

Updated by TOMMYGUN782 about 7 years ago

Fixed it, I replaced config file with's config file and it started up and is working fine. Thanks for your help =)

Updated by Yoma about 7 years ago

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