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Option for disabling the statistics section on the map/briefing screen

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As it is today there is a statistics section together with the tasks and notes.
Selecting that menu shows you what kind of units you've killed and the number of them, together with your casualties.
This section is also available when the scorelist is disabled in the difficulty settings, giving more information to the player than the mission designer/server operator would prefer.

I therefore suggest either:
- Disable the statistics section when the scorelist is disabled
- Add an option to disable the statistics through the client and server configs.

To reproduce:
- Disable score board in difficulty settings
- Run any mission in multiplayer and kill a unit
- Open the map
- Observe the newly added "Statistics"
- Click on it to see what kinds of unit and how many of them you've killed

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Good find!

Attached sample screenshots.

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

Optional please. Disabled scorelist prevents you from comparing yourself with others, while statistics lets you check your own performance and you can compare them to your own goals. Not the same.

Perhaps the scoreboard should have more settings, instead of just on and off:
All - Even for all teams.
Allies - Shows everyone on your side, including other factions if applicable.
Side - Shows everyone on your side, excluding other factions in case of changing allies.
Group - Shows everyone in your own squad.
Self - Only shows your own score.
None - Completely unavailable, and then also turns off the Statistics.

Again, the best approach would be if server can dictate the maximum information available, while mission or user can state lower ones. I.e. server may use Side since it hosts some CTI maps. But a coop mission may override this to say Group only, but it can not override the servers maximum and set it to all (Side would then be used instead). A users setting can then allow even harder standards if he desires. I.e. I never want to compare myself to others, but keeping track of my own "score" is sometimes desired.

This idea extends to all difficulty settings. If server says that crosshairs are allowed, then for Gods sake let me be able to turn them off for myself; mods so often not allowed, or there may be situations where I actually need to turn them back on temporarily (locking indicators, BMP3 sidegunners etc). If server says no crosshairs, then naturally I shouldn't be able to turn them on.

Should a new ticket be opened for this?

Updated by kju about 7 years ago


And no scoreboard + no kills combo is meant to not know about kills at all
during the mission runtime. Therefore the current behavior is buggy and undesired.

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It's still in 1.07 and Operation Arrowhead 1.52

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Should be a dup of #26435.

Making it interlinked with netStats settings (scoreboard) is probably fine
and no separate difficulty setting is needed.

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