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Mortar/Arty damage radii

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Currently an 81mm round in ACE has approx 35m kill radius and 60mm would radius.
This is much greater than any ref I can find and not great for gameplay either.

Attached are tweaks to the config with damage values based on FM 7-90 and other research - changed: 81mm, 82mm, 105mm, 120mm HE & WP (I've kept WP essentially the same, just scaled it with the HE rounds)
Damage is optimised for infantry targets. The simplistic damage model means i've had to reduce indirecthit on the larger shells which could affect damage against armoured vehicles. If anyone has a way to get the origin of explosions I can work on a more advanced damage model

FM 7-90 Appendix B: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/7-90/Appb.htm#top

Component: sys_bi_arty

CfgAmmo.hpp - sys_bi_arty/CfgAmmo.hpp (19.3 kB) Sandiford, 06/04/2010 15:12

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~CHANGED: Added sys bi arty 81 mm ammo changes from sandiford, refs #11002


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