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Map Tool Set

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Hello Together,

So I use the same tool also in the real one live. Hence, I find the idea in the Map pure to bring very well.

I have following improvement suggestions.

Can one make the tool size-changeable? It would have to be so small that one can lay out the "grid division" (division of a small box) on one to a largely zoomed card.

So just while orienting in the area, one must hold on in smaller things.

I cannot change the colour of the lines!

With questions, you can write up me with pleasure directly.



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Updated by Floydii about 7 years ago

Simple english follows.

This is a good idea as long as the measurements on the side of the compass stay the same scale.

Is it also possible to make the compass 'sticky'? That way you can go out of the map and come back to have the compass set up in the same place.

Updated by Nou about 7 years ago

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I think I understand the ticket now...

The compass resetting to its 0,0 position is actually a bug.

Updated by GreyWolf about 7 years ago

No, the definition of the compass on the position 0.0 (north) is no error.

The simple problem is which is enlarged the template together with the Map. Therefore the template is pointless, because I cannot use the units marked on her and "grid network" notch posts.

However, an ascertained compass is almost as unhappy, because then I cannot determine my prismatic compass number. In the reason the compass can investigate to of the prismatic compass number always stop on "0,0". It is to be assumed logically from the fact that I the card to investigate to the prismatic compass number „to the north aligned“ has.

I think this is no direct error. The inexpediency is the enlargement of the card with the template in the same measure. Here one should be able to "reduce" the template Step by step.

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Fixed the issue where the position resets on map close.

Patch submitted to Sickboy as I have some funky commits I don't want to push (need to rebuild ace repo).

Updated by rocko almost 7 years ago

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It seems the patch you submitted has not made it yet.
No changes found in sys_map so far.

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Devs get their repository in order and act together, or no commit/patch will appear, at least by my hand. Simple as that.

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Please commit by the normal way, Nou.

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